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At some point, if you want to get famous, start a business, be a good candidate for a job - you need to get yourself out there.

Especially today.

But in order to do so, you have to be slightly evil. This means manipulating the internet for your own good.

I laugh when I hear people worry about what they’ll find of themselves online. Why? Because there are only two things that people can find out about you online.

1. Stuff you put there

2. Stuff other people put there about you.

Which one do you think you can control? Definitely #1. Let’s figure out a good way to do #1 now.

What do you want people to see about you online?
Figure this out first. Do you want people to know about your skills? The kind of work you can do? The services that you can bring to them? If so open accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr and any other places you can think of, then post stuff only around those things.

Post often
Add new stuff each day if you can. If not at least once per week. Don’t have anything to post? You can share stuff that you found on the web instead. Be a good curator.

Cross Post Automatically
Example. Set up Instagram to post to multiple places when you have something to share. And its easier than every now too with the latest update.

Setup a good profile on LinkedIn
I hate this network, but they have good juice. Setup a decent profile there, even if you don’t have a lot in there right now. The key thing is as your career changes, add more stuff in there.

Use your real name for everything
Everything that you want associated with your real name, that is. If you’re doing something that you may be embearrased about, setup a different online persona. Otherwise, use your real name for everything else.

Keep it professional, but real
On my personal blog I cross post a lot of instagram photos. But in Medium I keep it professional and to my skills. Facebook is more personal, but I mix in my skills there too.

Now, in no time, when you google your name, you’ll be all up in the Internet’s bid'ness. You can just say to new employers, acquantances – “Just google my name” and they’ll find everything you wnat them to find out about you.