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At-home dog training service

Recently De'Angelo asked us about a business idea:
"Some of my hobbies are reading self improvement books, working with dogs I love animals but I have a criminal record and don't know how to start a animal related business being that I am a felon and licensing is needed what advice can you give me on starting a animal related business"

I asked him what areas he can get in without a license and he said "Dog Training".

Here's my advice:

Normally people have to get their dog and take it to some place for training. Why not come to them instead?

Figure our a curriculum for the dogs and how the owners can participate.

Put it all down on paper. What you do on day 1 - obedience, day 2 - rewards, day 3 - simple tricks, etc. (Remember, I do not know about dog training, so replace those with what you know).

It’s important to have it down on paper so you can send that to people via email, put it on a website, etc.

Now put together a price for different packages

3 day basic obedience

7 day intensive course

14 day dog mastery

(again don’t know about dog training — but you do, so replace as necessary).

As a dog owner, I would LOVE this service myself. I do not have time to take the dog to training, but would love if someone could come over on the weekends or some evenings and train my big dog Coffee. Would be AWESOME! And I would definitely pay.

Ask some people who have dogs — go to park strike up a conversation, see what they think. This will VALIDATE the idea.

Figure out pricing, print up flyers, setup a free website.,, and many more offer free websites that you can setup in a few minutes.

How do you get more customers?

Find a single dog to train first. Take that phone out of your pocket — and lets do something useful with it. Take a short 1 or 2 minute video of the dog doing something you trained him to do. Post it on your free website, also on Facebook and Instagram. Link to your website from those places as well.

Every time you train a new dog, take the videos. It’s easy and people want to see what you can do — that’s how they will trust you.

A lot of us have phones in our pocket that are awesome to document what we can do — but sometimes we forget!!! I am guilty of that too.

Good luck and I’m here for you.