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Are you facing any issues with your Dell PC? Is it not turning on? Or if turned on then not booting properly? Are these questioned sound familiar to you? If yes then you are reading the right blog. Because here you will get to know about fixing the issue in best possible manner. When your Dell PC starts to work abnormally or you notice some conflicts, then your first step should be finding the root cause and then deriving a solution. If you sense any difficulty, then you must reach out to Dell Customer Support which stays online round the clock for the resolution of customer issues.

Possible causes of PC not turning on or booting up

  • Check if there is the proper and stable power supply
  • Try to see if the lights blink as normally and fan noise is heard while you turn the device on
  • Notice if the screen is blank or blue more than usual time
  • Windows begin to load but booting doesn’t start
  • The appearance of booting error message
  • Are any external peripherals causing interference

There can be other common causes that might be stopping your Dell PC to turn on or reboot. After analyzing the causes you must try to focus on extracting the solution to sort out the issue.

Solution: Perform a hard reset

  • power of your Dell PC
  • Disconnect the AC adapter or power cord and remove the battery
  • Remove all external devices like USB, Printer cables, and media cards
  • Press and hold the power button for a while to drain the residual power

Run hardware diagnostics

The diagnostics will help you know the what the issue may be and then will provide you with suitable troubleshooting steps. Dell has a pre-built suite of self-diagnostics.

If you find it quite tedious to do the troubleshooting then it is recommended that you must get in touch withDell Customer Support number. The trained technicians will provide a useful solution to the issue.

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