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Aloha geeks! Here is a buddy from In other words, noname. Today I will tell you some tips for making great memes. Let's start!

  1. Eat cucumbers. Cucumbers are water. Water is life. Life is memes. Very simple
  2. Pee before sleep. Peeing is cool. You won't stay in the midnight to pee. You'll have a healthy dream. The healthy dream is a fresh mind. The fresh mind is cool memes.
  3. Don't go to school. Missing school is a free time. The free time is the best time to make memes.
  4. Don't be ill. Being ill is pills time. Pills time is a bad time. The bad time is a time without memes.
  5. Be Trump. Trump memes are great again.

Do you see how easy it is? Follow my advice. Be cool. Take care