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After spending the last ten days traveling amongst the Adriatic Sea, I realized something.

I was on an island in Croatia and saw what seemed to be 100 huge yachts lined up on the dock. People were laughing, dancing, eating and drinking. Living in Miami,

I don’t usually get shocked by celebs or materialistic items. However, that day it actually hit me…

There are people (just like you and me) that make a lot of money throughout the world.

Some people are lucky enough to be given the money.

Some people win the money in contests.

Some people create it and actually earn the money they have.

What’s important isn’t how you obtain that money but whether or not you are striving to achieve a certain level of wealth.

The sad truth is, you will likely not ever have money like owners of huge yachts docked throughout the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

I’m not telling you this to burst your bubble. I’m telling you this because I want you to get pissed off at me for doubting you.

Why? Well, because I want you to prove me wrong!

There is only one way to prove me wrong and that is to do something right now. Do something that’s achievable but difficult. Don’t go buy a lottery ticket. Don’t try and hookup with someone wealthy. Just get off your butt and do something to make yourself more money. Take action and you’ll be that much closer than the person that just reads this email, clicks delete, and does nothing more.

I’ve got more energy, drive and determination than I’ve ever had before because I want the means to be able to buy a yacht. The best part, I believe in myself enough to take action. Stare down that person in the mirror this morning and convince what you see that you’ve got what it takes to get stuff done. Then go do it!