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About Best High Risk Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

Merchant Stronghold is the #1 High Risk Merchant Services Provider

About Merchant Stronghold: Merchant Stronghold is Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. It provides credit card processing services for businesses of all sizes. Voted the #1 High Risk Merchant Services Provider in 2015, and 2016. Merchant Stronghold specializes in high risk and offshore merchant accounts. Our all-in-one merchant accounts include everything that a high risk or offshore merchant’s needs to process successfully.

High Risk Merchant Account: HighRisk Gateways always care about our merchant’s business as our business. We think and act like your business partners by serving high-risk credit card processing and eCheck/ACH processing. Opening a merchant account with Highrisk gateways is not.

Payment Gateway: For any online business, reliable and secure payment processing is critical. Merchant Stronghold provides world-class payment processing services for online businesses just like yours, providing a full suite of complimentary merchant services in order to drive maximum payment.

eCheck Payment Gateway: HighRisk Gateways is a well known trusted e-check payment gateway provider in the Indian market. HighRisk Gateways can place almost every Indian genuine business for E-Check, ACH or Check21. Which allow the merchants to add the e-check option in their various payments platform. Your business may be a high risk and high volume.

High Risk Specialists: We’ll get your high risk or offshore business processing right now with Merchant Stronghold’s fast processing system and keep your processing better than anyone else in the market.

International Merchant: HighRisk Gateways is an online international payment gateway service provider, specializing in e-commerce merchant solutions for high risk merchants. We accept merchants of all sizes and all risk types from low to high risk. Through our online secure, cutting-edge payment technology platform and our.

Here’s how Merchant Stronghold can tangibly help your business:

We Get You Approved: Our 12 processor relationships ensure 98.7% of accounts are approved and get you start your business as soon as possible.

We Get You Setup, Fast: Same day approvals & included gateway integration means you’re ready to take payments faster, without waiting for that big queue.

We Minimize Your Chargebacks: Our in-house chargeback management tools can lower chargebacks by 72%, so that you can concentrate only on increasing your business outcome, rather than having tension about your chargebacks.