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Teeth orange fray removing brace

How to remove braces yourself?

How to remove braces yourself?

141 views · Health

How do you remove braces?

How do you remove braces yourself?

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Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after you got braces?

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after you got braces

43 views · Health

Removing braces

How do you remove your braces from home fast and painless

67 views · Beauty & Style

What are teeth?

32 views · General Knowledge

can u get braces only for your upper teeth?

do they cost less?

49 views · Health

Whitening teeth with braces

Okay so
I was wondering how I can whiten my teeth.
I have braces
Any tips?

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Sunken Face After Teeth Removed for Braces?

Ok, I have not yet removed 4 bicuspids which my orthodontist has recommended for me to do. I ran into a video in youtube where people were complaining about their face changed after their 4 teeth were removed for braces.
I am freaking out! I don't ...

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Can you brush your teeth with baking soda and lemon juice once in a while if you have braces?

or will it leave marks when the braces are removed?

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Why would it be necessary to remove teeth of a 4-year-old?

my cousin is 4 they said they have to remove some of his teeth..why?

34 views · Health

What's a good face wash/ make up remover and teeth whitener I can get?

I need good ones :)

20 views · Beauty & Style

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