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Teaspoon sugar 2 liter bottle soda

How many cups of sugar are in a 2 liter bottle of Coke?

I had a discussion with a friend today over what had more sugar... a 2 liter bottle of Coke, or a gallon of sweet tea that has 2 cups of sugar in it...

Does anyone know which one has more sugar?

I know the calories for an 8 ounce serving is 100
The ...

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Would it be better to buy six 12-packs of soda for 3/$11 or 20 2-liters for 10/$10?

I would just like to know what would be the better deal.

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How much does a 2 liter diet coke weigh?

How much does a 2 liter diet coke weigh

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How bad for you is drinking 2 liters of vodka a week

Is it really that bad

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Why do they store water in bottles, and soda in cans?

Could it be the other way around?

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Is type 2 diabetes where you don't have enough sugar being produced in your body?

And is type 1 diabetes where you produce too much? Or is it the other way round?

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Favorite soda?

favorite soda?

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A soda without calories and no sugar in that case just drink water?

What is the point of a diet soda without calories and no sugar its not better to drink water. What would be the difference? Tell me please thank you.

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What is 2+fish?

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How do you sterlize baby bottles?

10 views · Kids NSFW

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