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Sore touch nipple

Why are my nipples sore?

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What could sore nipples mean?

what could sore nipples mean other than pregnancy

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Sore Nipples

I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?

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Why are my nipples so sore?

At times they hurt to be touched am married so we don't use protection why are my nipples sore?

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Why are my nipples really sore?

okay I dont know why but my nipples are really sore what does that mean?

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What's wrong? My nipples are sore to be touched?

My nipples have been very sore the past few days when they are touched. What could be going on? I'm 15 by the way, if that helps.

Other information:
A few weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me and he MIGHT have had some of his cum on his hands, we are...

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Why are my nipples sore I am not due my periods for 2 weeks??

I am not due my periods for two weekds am I pregnant or is it normal?

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One sore nipple and brown period

The last week my right nipple has been sore and my last two period has been brown what could be wrong?

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What- do guys like it when you touch their nipples?

Hi. I read some stuff on the internet...but I just wanted to ask. Do guys like it when their nipples are girls do?

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Are sore nipples a sign of your first period?

My nipples are this a sign of a first period I dont feel any other symptoms just like my regular self..

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what are peporoni nipples?

what are peporoni nipples?

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How to pierce nipples?

How to pierce nipples?

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why do men have nipples?

why do men have nipples?

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