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How do I keep my sanity around my parents?

I recently told my parents that I was moving out and in with my boyfriend they didn't take it too well my father said that I was going to be "pregnant, jobless, and out of school" and my mother said that he was going to beat me and start to deal meth o...

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Looking for a little sanity...

I know that I am probably going to get highly criticized and beat down for this but I can take it. I am 32 years old and have been emotionally and physically cheating on my husband for over a year now. The physical part has only occurred a handful of...

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Is there anything I can do to recover my sanity?

Hi. I am a 19 year old male. I have been involved in many things ranging from drugs to the cia mostly due to my involvement with psionics from an early age. I just recently spent some time in the navy and was given an entry level medical seperation due...

51 views · Health

Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?

Hey Everyone,

Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...

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Am I okay?

Is it okay to wait for someone uncertain of what to feel for you? I mean, I am willing to wait, till forever... Am I okay?

(not sure if my sanity is still intact... Lol!)

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These are some of the names I came up

Havoc among choas
Candlesticks for headlights
A day of moments
Last way to sanity
Breaking sin
The light among the darkness

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Why do people have a problem with homosexuals getting married?

No religion shall be imposed by government. So it shouldn't have anything to do with the bible or Christianity.
I hear "it would destroy the sanity if marriage". Explain that one to me. If a man and a man get married I can say that it wouldn't in a...

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How do you get rid of mild depression?

I have the symptoms of depression and I dont know how to get it out of my head I feel like im loosing my sanity and I cant stop crying(I mean tears just appear not even feeling them coming)

44 views · Health

The Phantom Of The Opera

Which one's performance do you like more?

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Richard Clayderman
Dreams of Sanity
Vannessa Mae
Paul Mauriat
Michael Crawford &Sarah Brightman
Antonio Vivaldi

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the bell jar by sylvia plath HELP!!

can anybody summarize the book in only TWO sentences?

this is what I came up with: Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, talented, and successful; however she sees very little value in her life. The Bell Jar is the story of her struggle between ...

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How to make new friends with old acquaintances?

My school is very small, and so all of the kids have grown up together. My issue is, I'm really quiet, and the single solitary friend I have in my school moved away this summer. In the interest of my sanity, I really want to make some new friends in th...

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Randy rabbit!

I have a male pet rabbit (his name is wilson), he is about 6 months old now and is quite 'lively'. I was thinking of getting him neutered for his own sanity but I'm a bit worried that he will lose all his character and become lazy and fat after...

29 views · Pets & Animals

How can i keep up with life without having a mental breakdown?

So im on the verge of exploding, the last few weeks have been hell, school is ridiculous, and if i could i would sleep 20 hours a day...which i have done. Im way in over my head right now and im at bare minimum. I fantisize about just not doing anythin...

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poem bout how im feelin, comments?

Some thoughts are better kept to oneself
And this may fall under that catagory
But the more that I keep to myself
The more that I seem to disintegrate
Into nothing
A different part of me is lost
With every night I spend
Clawing at the inside of my skul...

31 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Why does my boyfriend get upset that my mom hurts me (emotionally)

It's like he's mad at me about it? And now he's not really talking to me ... he says he's tired of me always getting upset my her and he says I don't listen to what he says (he is studying for a test). That I listen to other people - but I say it's jus...

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What do you think of this poem I wrote?

Purging my sanity, stepping closer to my fate
Arousing dark thoughts with each step I take
Your silhouette shining brightly over the lights of life
Luring me closer, electrifying me inside

For all that’s left to give, my heart, my soul, on this v...

28 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Final Confusion

Okay... another question...

And this is really important.

You see, I'm going to graduate from my junior high school soon. And to be honest,I planned to never contact any of the people in that school. I am also planning to get back at a few people...

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Isn't 11 an inappropriate age to sleep with a parent?

My stepdaughter, who is 11 years old, refuses to sleep on her own when she is at our house. We see her every other weekend. When she was young, I tried working with her on sleeping in her own bed. She would end up screaming and crying and her dad would...

277 views · Kids

What's with my cat in heat?!?!

Seriously, this is about the 6th time my cats been on heat and she's still not got pregnant...for goodness sake! She hasn't got a clue! I really want her to have a litter (then I'll get her done- for all our sanity - ever heard a cat in heat - urghhh!)...

65 views · Sex

How do I stop being too obsessive with my girlfriend?

Hey guys! So, my girlfriend and I have been together for 14 months now and very close to each other (seeing each other every day, going to parties together, lived together for a while etc) and everything seems perfect... nothing wrong, except for the f...

50 views · Love & Relationships

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