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Pruning money tree plant

Does a money tree require pruning?

Does a money tree require pruning and if so, how? Regards

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What if a limb broke off my money tree plant?

A limb has been broke off of a money tree plant. I have kept it in water when can I transplant it?

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Why is money plant called money plant?

Whats a money plant and whys it called that

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My money tree plant looks weak.

I have a money tree plant that looks tall and not very leafy. How do I take better care of it?

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money tree moleing

my money tree plant is moleing?why

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What's a money tree?

There were a few questions a while back about money trees. What are they?

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how should i take care of a money tree?

how should i take care of a money tree?

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Pachira money tree

Is this a flowering tree?

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Money tree watering

I have a money tree plant and have over watered it. How often should it be watered and how should it be watered?

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White spots on my money tree plant

I have a money tree that has large white spots in several leaves does anyone know what I can do to resolve this??? it was doing really well It has not been moved from where it is.

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Should I prune my money tree?

i have a small money tree and some of the small branches/leaves on top are green and full. how and when do i continue the braiding of the branches without breaking them off and should i remove some of the leaves and stems?

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Do I have to braid my money tree?

My money tree is braided does it braid itself or do I have to braid it as it gets bigger?

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How do you go about planting and growing an avocado tree

How do you go about planting and growing an avocado tree

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Can I plant my money tree in the ground

I have a large money tree at least 6 ft. In diameter of leaves and about 5 ft tall. I would like to put it in the ground. What kind of conditiond would it require?

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How can I get money

How can I get money

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when will I get my money

when will I get my money

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I have extra money

I have extra money, what should I do with it?

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What is dig money?

What is dig money?

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My money tree plant needs to be rescued!

The trunk is rotting. 2 out of the 4 branches have completely lost their leaves and have rotted to the top. Not only can my tree be saved but is it possible to save the rotted branches as well? If so, what exactly can I do???

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Can money change you?

32 views · Jobs & Money

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