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Grade grad dres idea 2010

What would be good ideas for senior shirts for 2010?

I nned some good advice they are counting on me to find some good ideas for shirts

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8th grade science fair ideas

does anyone have any gud I ideas for a project. something out there but doable or something that has to do with pychology.

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Are classes without grades a good idea?

At New College of Florida students take classes without grades and design their own curriculum - good idea or bad idea, and why ?

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Can I get any music ideas from you?

Can I get any music ideas from you?

22 views · Music

What is your idea of perfection?

What is your idea of perfection?

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What are some ideas for summer travel?

what are some ideas for summer?

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may i get some great ideas for running for a 5th grade class president?

may i get the answer quick? the reason is cause the election for class president is tomorrow

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What would be some good ideas for 5th grade student council slogans?

I have two kids running. Names: Ricky and Cody (sometimes called "code")

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Grade 8 Grad

HELP!!! I've got 23 days till my Grade 8 Graduation and I don't know how to do my hair. I have light brown shoulder lenght hair, tan skin and hazel eyes. What should I do with my hair?

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Class shirts for 2010 ideas?

What would be cool phrases to put on our graduation shirts? I graduate in 2010, and I want our class shirts to be funny, and spunky, and a bit "attitudy"... Does anyone have any suggestions?

I just thought of "2010 won't be back again"

But that's kin...

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get better grades

how do you get better grades??

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website where did your idea come from

where did your idea come from

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Any Ideas on what to do for a Community Event?

Any Ideas on what to do for a Community Event?

38 views · General Knowledge

What GCSE grade is a Pass?

What GCSE grade is a pass?

258 views · Education & School

Halloween costumes any ideas?

Halloween costumes any ideas?

30 views · Beauty & Style

Ideas for girl names

Any ideas for a girl name?

122 views · Kids

Girl's Day Out Ideas

Girls day out ideas. Do you have any?

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