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Cleaning water stain stainles steel

How do I clean stainless steel appliances & remove water marks?

How do I clean stainless steel appliances, I have water marks that I can't get out.

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Stainless steel Refrigerator water stains

My new refrig is looking old, after just two years with water marks that commercial products don't do anything but buff and shine!

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How to clean mold stains off canvas

What is the best solution for cleaning mold stains off canvas

54 views · Home & Garden

Burn stains on stainless steel

I have a stainless steel oven. The backsplash to the oven has burn marks from the flame. How do I remove these stains?

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Hard water stains?

Its in my fishtank theres a white ring around it how do I get it off?

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Can a teacher get fired for making a student clean a microwave/ cleaning with the fumes from the water?

Well maybe not fired but they still shouldn't do it?

45 views · Education & School

How can people in the North of Ghana get clean water easily?

I was just wondering, if the north of Ghana was very poor then how could we make sure that the people there get clean water easily? Thanks :)

7 views · Environmental Issues

How good is vinegar and water for spot cleaning?

How good is vinegar and water for spot cleaning? I heard it is the thing to use. Is it better than products one can buy from a store?

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Thc clean?

What will clean thc out of you?

810 views · Health

How to clean telephone?

How to clean telephone?

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How can I clean hairbrushes ?

How can I clean hairbrushes ?

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why is water clear?

why is water clear???

104 views · Science

Water marks remover for stainless steel?

The pans we have are about six years old now, and they have spots on them. Can anybody let me know what water marks remover for stainless steel has worked for them?

47 views · Home & Garden

How do I clean a laptop?

how do i clean a laptop?

32 views · Computers & Tech

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