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Big pit bull

what is the best way to mate a pit bull

what is the best way to mate a pit bull

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Gestation period for pit bulls

How long is the gestation period for pit bulls?

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how big will my 6 month 45lbs Pit Bull get?

my American Pit Bull Terrier is 6 months old 45lbs.his legs are real long and his head is real big do you think he can get?

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Are pit bulls considered a large breed?

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Is my stomach too big?

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Why does my pit bull puppy seem really hot?

His skin is really hot when you touch him

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what can i do if dogs (pit bull types) keep attacking my dog?

how can i protect her? btw my dogs deaf

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I have a Pit Bull who's water broke.

She has been letting out fluid for two days and no puppies. Is she in danger?

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Lifespan of pit bulls?

Thoughts/Comments anything you'd like to say about a pitbull I'd like to hear.

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What to do after my pit bull has gave birth?

She gave birth 24 hours ago and she is still bleeding from her private area...

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How big is our universe?

how big is our universe?

28 views · Science

Are my boobs big?

Are My Boobs Big ?

251 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

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