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Big female pitbull

How to tell if my pitbull puppy will get big?

how can I tell if my pit bull puppy will get big

3948 views · Pets & Animals

Is my stomach too big?

35 views NSFW

How can I tell how big my 5month old 45lbs rednose female will get?

I have a pure breed 45lbs rednose female. How can I tell how big shes gonna get?

21 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

Are my boobs big?

Are My Boobs Big ?

251 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

How big is our universe?

how big is our universe?

28 views · Science

what is a big chocolate

14 views · Food & Dining NSFW

who likes pitbull????

23 views · Pets & Animals

Why do babies have big heads?

116 views · Kids

Is god male or female?

51 views NSFW

Why are females so complicated .?

55 views · Love & Relationships

how big is russia?

24 views · Travel

Can buddha be female?

21 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How well can a male pit puppy get along w/a 3yr old female pitbull?

The female pitbull is 3yrs old and very friendly. Male pitbull is a puppy about 3-5 months old. Want to know if they will be ok together

68 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

whats more important big butt or big boobs?

whats more important?
a big butt.
or big boobs?

166 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

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