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Can you be roommates, sleep together, and be bet friends?

Can you be roommates, sleep together, and be bet friends but not be together

107 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Who would you bet on: Patriots or Giants?

So, who would you bet on... Patroits or Giants

26 views · Gaming & Games

College hill on bet!?!?!?!?!

Does any one watch college hill on you like this season???

51 views · Entertainment

Can white people and Spanish people go to the BET awards?

So can white people and spanish people go 2 the bet awards ? ? ?

59 views · Entertainment

A riddle I bet Irene knows the answer to!!

What's the only mammal that can't fly that can fly?

41 views · Travel

Bet you cant give me the correct answer?

If a whatcher is watching a whatcher and a whatcher is watching a whatcher and a whatcher is watching a whatcher how many whatchers are watching a whatcher?

80 views · General Knowledge

What are some good bets?

me and one of my friends want to make a bet but we dont know what to bet on, anyone have any ideas? =]

1300 views · Entertainment NSFW

is the saying "I bet you can't just eat one" true??

is the saying "I bet you can't just eat one" true?? is a chip or food that you cant just have a taste of? even if your not hungry?

73 views · Food & Dining

BET awards 08 name of the boy who was with Chris Brown?

Does anyone know the name of the boy who was with Chris Brown rapping?

38 views · Music

Please help settle a bet on sexiness...

My niece and I have been battling each other over this....Who's sexier(or has more sex appeal)...a Stormtrooper or Boba Fett?

19 views · Sex NSFW

Whats a good dirty bet?

Ok my boyfriend have won most bets we made so wats one that the girlfriend can with at thts dirty and or cute?

1434 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What should I bet my boyfriend?

me and my boyfriend are betting on who winning the super bowl..he is going for the saints and im going for the colts he is 15 and he betted that I have to do what he says for a week and im 13 and I don't know what to!!!

296 views · Sports & Activities

What does thats a bet mean in slang?

Help me please lol I got it in a text and I dont wanna sound stupid asking what it means

14582 views · General Knowledge NSFW

a reasonable bet to lose weight for fun

My friend and I are always discouraged at work and would like to continue together but need an incentitive...

10 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What is a good bet recuest to do with your Girlfriend ?

Me and my girlfriend have made a bet on that I wouldnt smoke and she wouldnt drink for 2 weeks but the problem is that non of us both know what we want what should be a good thing to ask for me and her ?

161 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What if my best friend is a chick I think I like her bet?

Me and her have been friends for like 12 years and I dont wanna reck that. But I like her more than a friend. I think she feels the same way but not shur. Shud I take the rick??

29 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Info for a bet with my girlfriend

Made a bet with my girlfriend that I could last longer than her without forgetting to take the pill(she forgets all the time). I think I can outlast her, just wondering if there are any side effects for a guy. (none yet)

30 views · Love & Relationships

Need an answer so I can win a bet!!!

0k s0 my friends and I are disagreeing 0n what a pr*de is and s0 I came here 2 ask 2 pr0ve im right!!! L0l thanks!!!

13 views · General Knowledge

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