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what does anually mean?

I am trying to apply for a credit card.They are asking for anually salary.I am not sure what that means.

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What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists

this a a significant difference between the 2. what is it, cause I'm thinkin of going into one of these fields when I'm older=D

also, does anyone know how much money these jobs pay anually or per hour?

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Techno song

Theres a song its techno and I dont know the name but I really like it.

The only way I can describe it is that inbetween verses theres a whistling or flute that lasts for a bit then goes back to the beat.

Also I know its on the european "anual 2...

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Career Choices

Hey im looking to get into a career. It is between two fields. One field being the medical field, im looking to get my lpn. And the 2nd field being a veterinerian tech. Does anyone have advice on which field to go into? I want to make sure the field I ...

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How do I help out my mom and dad without trying to take over?

Ok my mom and dad have soon to be 8 kids still with them and they have 5 kitty's 2 are mine and they have 2 dogs.I want to help them b/c we make a higher income and my dad's on diability b/c of his back injury.I feel like I should pay for their cable/p...

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