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Animal testing pro

Is makeup animal tested?

Is makeup tested on animals?

17 views · Beauty & Style

Anybody pro animal testing?

I just want to know why people dont think animals have rights or why they choose to be involved in animal testing

If you have to please answer under under anonymous I just want to know why someone believes in animal testing. Thanks.

66 views · Science

Animal testing

Is animal testing a good thing or a bad thing what are your views

15 views · Pets & Animals

Is anyone for animal testing?

Is anyone for animal testing ?? I m learning about it at school and its just cruel :[

55 views · Pets & Animals

what kind of make up is tested on animals?

I know they test make up on animals and medicine and other stuff but what kind of make up? does it harm the animal?

24 views · Pets & Animals

Does l'oreal test on animals?

Just wondering.

I don't like wearing animal products or using products tested on animals. Does l'oreal test on animals?

62 views · Beauty & Style

Do animal testing animals feel pain?

Is it really right to do it on animals? I mean they can feel pain. Why not just do it on prisioners? They have a reason to be abused. (murders that have been caught)

103 views · Science

Are there any animal testing pros?

Heard someone debating the pros and cons of animal testing the other day and it got me thinking, Are there any pros?

148 views · Pets & Animals

Can anyone give me a list of animal testing free cosmetics + candy?

Can someone give me a list of cosmetics with animal testing and a list of cosmetics animal testing free? Oh and a list of candy/snacks/softdrinks that have animal testing and a list that are animal testing free.

47 views · Shopping

Why do people think testing on animals is wrong?

I dont think that testing one animals is right but what else are they going to test on. They arnt going to test on people so what else do they have to test on.

49 views · Pets & Animals

Why can't companies test on death row inmates instead of animals?

Instead of animal testing or execution of crimes...why can't we use inmates that are on death row and give them to companies for them to test on?

40 views · Politics & Law

Does Aussie test on animals?

I WAS using Herbal Essence but read that they test on animals so I'm trying to find brands that don't?

100 views · Beauty & Style

Why do people test products on animals, what's the point?

Don't just say "Because they're mean!"...I am looking for the reasoning behind it.

33 views · General Knowledge

What are some non-animal tested cosmetics?

What are some non-animal tested cosmetics, like urban decay?
Urban decay is practically vegan, is there any more make-up products that are like urban decay?

267 views · Beauty & Style

Animal puns

Animal puns do you have any animal puns?

70 views · Pets & Animals

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