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Wrecking & demolition contractors

How to get contractor lisence?

How to get contractor lisence?

52 views · Jobs & Money

How much to tip contractor?

How much to tip contractor?

35 views · Entertainment

Does anyone here have a "Wreck This Journal"?

37 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How do you become a general contractor in north carolina?

How do you become a general contractor in north carolina?

23 views · Entertainment

What if your cousin dies in a car wreck?

What do you do if your cousin dies in a really bad car wreck

34 views · Parents & Family

Where do I find good contractors?

I need a good Remodelling contractor to do my kitchen. Where is a good source to find quality craftsmen?

19 views · Home & Garden

Black washes or hairspray, which one won't wreck my hair?

I need to have my hair black for a concert coming up and I don't know if I should use 8 washes black hair dye or black hairspray.

Which one won't wreck my blonde hair?

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What: can a contractor make you pay for,,?

Can a contractor make you pay for services that were not ok'd by a home owner? Im getting my house remodeld and the final bill we already paid him but now he's charging us more for dumping services we already said no to. Can he do that?

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HElp me stop being a jealous wreck!

how do i stop being mad jealous whenevr my bf is withother women. i trust him and know he would never do anything with other girls but how do is top being jealous PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE IT IS RUINING MY LIFE :(

50 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

How come it only takes one person to wreck your life?

Hoe come it only takes one person to wreck your life?
Confidence, self esteem, emotinal well being gone .
All because of one person, beacause of one stupid comment.
And eeverything what you knew can be gone like that?
All beacause on 1 idiot?

17 views · Love & Relationships

Car Wreck.

I got into a car wreck on December 12th. I pulled out and hit a car in the rear corner panel. The guy called the cops but he left before they got there so there was no report filed and I didnt get a ticket or nothing. They guy got my name, address and ...

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Hair is a train wreck

I have dyed my hair darkest brown for 7 years. Decided I wanted my light brown back so, used Color fix 1 time to get out the excess color. Then tried to dye it light brown, result, red roots and the rest is still dark. I have done a protein conditi...

42 views · Beauty & Style

Is it normal to be afraid after a car wreck?

Is it normal to be scared to fall asleep when it is dark after you have been in a wreck? Let me tell you the story. I went up into the city for my b-day. It was just a normal Saturday. Well at 8:00 we left the city and started to head home, well it is ...

39 views · Health

What do you do when your life is becoming one huge wreck!? help?

Let's start off saying that I'm 15. Okay so I got in a huge fight with my parents, one where you can't fix, even if you apologize or do whatever, so please don't tell me to go and apologize. My family is pretty aggressive and abusive and we fight a lot...

45 views · General Knowledge

How to deal with fear of driving after a bad wreck?

I was in an 8 car collision on the interstate about 2 week ago and my car got totaled, but I didn't get hurt badly. I believe the reason for this was because an exit ramp was backed up or it might have been some idiot just decided to stop in the middle...

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Beautiful Wreck - new song

This song is my first back in song writing and it's called Beautiful Wreck

Half my life it's been like a bomb battle field always blown when there's happiness
All the arguments I have been put through have made me this way
Keeping your eyes on m...

13 views · Music

I was involved in a car wreck (2 cars, 2 motorcycles), the other car left, and I'm worried I'll be found at fault?

Last night around 9pm, I was driving down a dark road. It has been rainy here and the roads were wet. I was driving behind two motorcycles. They were behind a few cars (at least three other cars). The speed limit was 30mph and there was a flashing ligh...

16 views · Politics & Law

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