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Songs for a wedding reception?

Anybody know any good songs to play at a wedding reception?

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What Evanescence songs are good for music at a wedding reception?

I want an Evanescence song to be played at my Wedding but I don't know which one I want or that sounds good.

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Wedding Reception songs

I am maid of honor for my sister's wedding. I'm in charge of picking songs for the reception. What are some good love songs?

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Is it bad to want a prom-themed wedding for your reception?

It was a dream I always had but never got....

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What is your dream wedding?

What is your dream wedding?

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What are some good songs to play at a black wedding reception?

I am getting married next month, and I need a range of different songs to play at the reception...any ideas?

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What is a cotillion party?

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What's a rave party?

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What are the libertarian parties?

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Wedding reception songs?

What are some good love songs for a wedding reception? It can be rock; country; are nything basicly, new or old it doesnt matter, just give me some songs you think would go in a wedding reception, thanks!

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What do I need for my wedding reception?

Okay, I'm having my wedding reception at a resturaunt. Am I going to have to decorate like I would for renting out a venue with out anything in it??? I know that I will need centerpeices, but is there anything else I NEED to include?


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How much food at a wedding reception for 120 people?

Food planning for 120 people:

Pulled pork, italian sausage, baked ziti, how much do I need? have 30 lbs of pork, and 15 lbs of sausage, 5 lbs of ziti = how much do I need??

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What souvenir is pretty yet useful to be given to wedding party guests?

My friend is going to get married and she needs advice in picking the souvenir for the guests since most souvenir here is not that useful like key hanger.

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What kind of party???

If you threw a party what kind will it be???

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Wedding vows

What do I say for a wedding vow?

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Who's throwing a party in the Bronx?

Who's throwing a party in the Bronx?

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How to make a party invitation?

How to make a party invitation?

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