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Vinyl fences

can my neighbour srew his fence to my shed

My neighbour has srewed his fence to my shed with out permission what can I do about it.

46 views · Home & Garden

How to apply vinyl tint on a car window?

How to apply vinyl tint on a car window?

44 views · General Knowledge

My dog keeps jumping my fence

Does anyone know how to break a dog from jumping over a fence? without putting her on a chain.

99 views · Pets & Animals

Do you think vinyl jackets look nice?

I have a fashion question.
Do you think vinyl jackets look nice or can you tell that it's fake leather?
Are they warm?

19 views · Beauty & Style

Would you be able to paint the side of your fence facing the neighbour's side of the property line?

If the fence is on your property, and it's your fence, are you allowed to paint the side facing your neighbour's house any colour you choose?

84 views · Home & Garden

Are vinyl records any good to listen to?

Which ones are good? I don't know any old music but I'm interested but I don't know what I would like. I like Alternative music the most, is there anything like that?

50 views · Music

Does anyone here still buy, collect and use Vinyl records when listening to music?

If you do, what is your opinion on the CD vs. Vinyl sound? And also, what kind of recordplayer do you have?

40 views · Music


The neighbors fence between our yards is looking shabby, it is weaved board type, I have talked to them and they say the fence is fine on their side, what can I do to my side to fix it up without me doing damage to their side! Any ideas?

13 views · Home & Garden

Please show me how to rebuild the fence


My back yard has a 6' tall fence. It's old and weak. I need to know how to rebuild it. Should I replace the posts or just replace fence? What kind of wood I should buy for the posts if I have to replace them. What size of nail is correct?


56 views · Home & Garden

they want us to pay the damage in the fence caused by our tree

we have a neighbor and they want us to pay the damage in the entire fence caused by the roots of our tree. The thing here is that why do we need to pay for someone to repair their entire fence if its just a small part? Why the ENTIRE fence? Our we resp...

43 views · Home & Garden

Fence and the landlord's responsibilies

If the right hand side of my fence collapse, who is responsible to rebuild it, me or my neighbor? On the contrary, if the left hand side of my fence collapse, is it me or my neighbor's responsibilty to rebuild it?

How about the back fence? When ...

18 views · Home & Garden

Vinyl wood-look waterproof planks used on divine design

What is the name and color of the vinyl wood-look tile used to renovate the urban loft bathroom and bedroom on the divine design show which aired june 16, 2009 in atlanta.

47 views · Home & Garden

Dog still getting out of fence with shock collar

We put up an electric fence a few months ago, and it worked great. However, there is one spot where it gives the dog a warning but no shock. He's gotten out here a few times. Anyone have advice for how to keep him away from there or how to get the syst...

11 views · Pets & Animals

Fencing gear

Is it worth buying my own fencing equipment ie jacket, foil and mask when I'm only at club level and don't feel ready for competitions yet. (my club has foils, masks and jackets to borrow)
Is there anywhere to get them second hand and which manufactur...

16 views · Sports & Activities

What colour vinyl would match my blue bathroom?

Could someone help me?
I have attached an image of the colour of my bathroom walls (cloud blue-matt effect)...
I have completed decorating the bathroom all i need is the vinyl flooring :s i dont know which colour i should get that would match the col...

19 views · Home & Garden

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