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What MP3 player has the most storage capacity?

what mp3 player has the most storage capacity

77 views · Computers & Tech

What's better - online storage or portable hard drive storage?

to store music, pics, videos, etc

35 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

storage on fenbendaz

do I leave this med out or store in fridge?

64 views · Pets & Animals

is the windows live mail wave 4 now unlimited email storage?

i read it on some google news its gonna be unlimited?

16 views · Computers & Tech

Which surgical specialty intrigues you the most, if you were to have one of these careers?

Cardio,(Heart surgeon)
Nuero,(Brain surgeon)
Peds,(Children surgeon)
Plastics,(Face/Skin Surgeon)
Ortho,(Bones surgeon person)
General,(Bit of everything)
For me I think Cardio or Nuero.

9 views · Jobs & Money

How to wrap a sofa-bed for moving and storage with moving blankets?

Wrapping a sofa bed for moving with moving blankets requires some skill and experience. Sofas, and especially sofa-beds, are bulky and heavy furniture. If you do not have experience, wrapping a sofa bed with moving blankets...

21 views · Home & Garden

How can I increase storage space on S.D cards, or U.S.B sticks?

We use S.D. cards, or U.S.B. sticks here to store Digital Photographs for display upon Digital Photo Frames. I've noticed, however, that even 2GB cards/sticks can only store a very limited number of photos.

I've also noticed that, when viewing the ...

37 views · Computers & Tech

What's the best way to prepare cannis bulbs?

When is the proper time to dig up the cannis bulb's and what is the correct way to prepare the bulbs for storage?

132 views · Home & Garden

How can you tell if a necklace or bracelet is real or not?

I have a few necklaces and bracelets I found in my storage building.
I have no idea if they are real, or not.
If they are real, I would like to pawn them.
So, how can I tell if they are real or not?

55 views · Beauty & Style

Who knows were I can buy a survival knife in tn?

I'm looking for a knife that has a little storage compartment in the hilt so does any one know?:)

5 views · Shopping

WINDOWS phone 7 in the verge of DEATH!!!

so yesterday i was out walking from school when i reached into my pocket to get my phone, BUT SENSE I AM SO CLUMSY!!! My phone fell onto the floor... so obviously i try'd to turn it on and it did BUT its says
your storage ...

17 views · Computers & Tech

Why do you own an iPod?

Why do you own an iPod?

Music storage?
Multi-fuctional? (data, music, photos, ect.)
Social? (friends/family have one)
Social Status? (increase or decrease popularity with friends/peers)

11 views · Computers & Tech

How long do savings bonds earn interest?

Found some old E-Series Savings Bonds in storage and was unsure as to how long they would continue to gain interest income. Does anyone know how long savings bonds earn interest?

66 views · Jobs & Money

How to choose a hard drive to boot from on a mac

I have a mac with 2 internal hard drives, I have been using one for the operating system and the other one for extra storage. My question is I installed a newer os on the second hard drive, so how do I select that one to boot from?

36 views · Computers & Tech

banana and mayo

I dont know how everyone was raised and how they were brought up to eat .. but a banana and mayonaise sandwich is my specialty when it kumes to real food. lol.. whats the feedback let me know if you tried it ?

41 views · Food & Dining

FunAdvice Trivia: What is an 'amphora'?

A) A large storage vase used in ancient Egypt
B) A tuba-like instrument
C) A holy book in Malaysia
D) A holy cow in India

19 views · FunAdvice Community

How to get smoky eyes?

I have a very small lol. I have black eyeliner, black mascara, blush, and blues/grays/browns/greens/whites in eyeshadows. Is it possible to get Smoky-Eyes with this? I also have liquid black eyeliner, but I don't know how to put it on D:

12 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Where can I get dark eyeshadow?

My complexion is a little on the darker side and I find the eyeshadow in the stores just not dark enough. Does anyone know of specialty makeup lines where they might have more dramatic colors? I tend to go for dark purple/amethyst tones

16 views · Beauty & Style

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