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What is human being ?

What is human being

27 views · General Knowledge

Will social services take my baby?

Somebody told me if I qo to social services to qet help they'll take my baby away is that true ?

63 views · Kids

How to be a social-lite or just more social?

16 views · General Knowledge

What is the human walk and human race?

18 views · General Knowledge

what is humanitys perpious

what is humanitys perpious

56 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Why were humans born?

For what we the humans born??:)

24 views · General Knowledge

Confused What is Humanity???

What is Humanity???

33 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Socializing on FunAdvice

What's your opinion on socializing on FunAdvice?

8 views · FunAdvice Community

What are social sciences?

What are social sciences?

13 views · Education & School

What is social death?

What is social death?

69 views · General Knowledge

What is the human stimulus?

15 views · General Knowledge

What are my human rights?

22 views · Politics & Law

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