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How does skydiving feel?

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Why do skydivers wear helmets?

why do skydivers where helmets?

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How old do you have to be to go skydiving?

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Would you go skydiving or bungee jumping?

I would.

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How much does it cost to go skydiving out of a plane?

I know it can't be free. They must charge something for people to get up there and jump out of planes.

About how much would something like that cost?

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Do you think Alex Torres should be fined for his lewd skydiving video?

Is it enough that he was fired from his job as an instructor at Skydive Taft, or do you think that charges should be laid, even though nobody witnessed the act "at the time"?

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What are crazy things to do?!

I want to do something crazy. something I will remember forever. lets remember I am only 16 so skydiving wont work cause you have to be 18 without an adult and whatever I am going to do is with friends.
any ideas!?

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Does anyone else think that I'm weird because would do this?

Ok so my school is going to a amusement park at the end of the school year and me and some friends where talking about what rides we will ride and I said that I'm afraid of roller coaster but would go skydiving. Does anyone else think thats odd, and co...

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What should I do to prepare myself for enlisting into the Navy?

I am interested in attaining the SEAL contract. Would it help me any if I started maybe going to the shooting range,getting certified in scuba diving, and or skydiving? I am aware of everything else I need done in order to getting into the training, I ...

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just a fun questionare

just some quick questions because im bored: pink or black? dvd or blu-ray? skydive or bungee jump? cats or dogs? emo or goth? cake or p...

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Did you eat for breakfast?
Is your middle name?
Phrase do you say most often?
Are you looking forward to in the next week?
Music are you listening to?
Is your best talent?

Do you love?
Do you look up to?
Did you hug last?
Did you ...

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Random bored survey!

I like hearing people's opinions.

Did you eat for breakfast?
Is your middle name?
Phrase do you say most often?
Are you looking forward to in the next week?
Music are you listening to?
Is your best talent?

Do you love?
Do you l...

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I would rather... survey!!!:)

```ok so these couple of men made you choose1 of these below or they shoot u! which 1 wud you choose... BE CAREFUL...!!!

skydiving or bunji jumping?
eat poop or drink pee?
lick an athelet's foot or lick someone's mole?
not drink water 4 a week o...

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Why are some people so fatalistic?

I see so many people who just don't care about their future. They think they can do whatever they want today because they will probably not live long anyway. They drink every other day, they eat only unhealthy foods, they smoke, they never exercise. Th...

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Random Awesome Quiz

Did you eat for breakfast? Pancakes
Is your middle name? Mia
Phrase do you say most often?Sure Sure because Jacob Black says it!
Are you looking forward to in the next week? Yep because no school
Music are you listening to? Antic Cafe
Is your ...

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Help me with a few life issues.


I have been having a few life issues lately. I have recently gone into Year 11 in schooling. I am 16. I am confused with my life. I don't know where I am going and I'm worried because I don't have much of a life plan.

I have recently bega...

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Survey by butterfly kiss3z

1. What are you thinking right now?
if I'll surf tomorrow :D

2. What about now?
what to put for this question..

3. For a million bucks would you call 911 and tell them you were being abducted by aliens?
um, YEAH!

4. Do you still sing to old songs w...

36 views · Sex

How different people have sex,

How they have sex, think of more? Post it:)

Accountants are good with figures.

Actors do it on cue.

Advertisers use the "new, improved" method.

Ambulance drivers come quicker.

Ansi does it in the standard way

Archeologists like it old...

39 views · Sex

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