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Who makes the skin care product called lily root 5?

Who makes the skin care product called lily root 5?

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What's the best facial care to pamper my skin?

What's the best facial care? I want to pamper my skin

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What are the best products for dry skin?

What's the best body wash and body lotion for very dry skin???

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Is my skin dry?

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Is my skin sensitive?

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Is my skin yellow?

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What are some good skin care products for my type of skin?

I'm 15 years old, and have really dry skin around and on my nose. Also on my cheeks and chin there reddish and it's been like this since I was probably 12 or 13. I don't really get acne maybe once in awhile on my chin or nose. But I wanted to know what...

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What is the best product for uneven skin tone?

What is the best not too expensive product for uneven skin tone that I can buy in a typical store?

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What is the best skin care product that will clear your skin?

Ok, im 15 year old girl who has not so clear skin. im despreate to find something that will clear my skin and keep it clear. I have acne on my face, shoulders, upper back, and lower neck. I would really like some advice on any product that you know of ...

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Really good skin care products that work

I have bad skin but not just my face. Not all over pimples or anything but just spots that I scratch and they become bigger.

People have suggested proactive but I think that's just for face and is expensive. I am open to any suggestions including v...

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Hair care for teens with little product?

When you're young (13) how do you take care of your hair when you dont take a lot of products?

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