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What are the people in the supermarkets who stack the shelves called?

i forgotten what there called?? 0_o

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Tumble drier with shelves

Dear ophra

In one of your shows you gave away washing machine's with the tumble d,riers on the top,to your audience .the tumble driers had shelves in for drying of the cardigans etc.could you please give me the make of the tumble drier , the tel...

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When do camel crushes go off the market?

I know that they're going to take them off the shelves soon but when?

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My dad hates me

I want shelves in my room I told my dad but he yell at me and said no you are going to put girly things on it. I said no. ( this is what killed me on the inside) he said go and play sports and get a tropy then I will put shelves in your room!! He knows...

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Do You Have a Favorite Candy that You Miss?

Seems that a great many candies we knew as children have disappeared off the shelves at the candy store because they are no longer manufactured.

Do you have a favorite candy that you miss?

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Room Colors??

My room is bright yellow and some of the trim and my closet doors are a soft rosy pink, but I need a third color for my shelves and the rest of my trim, what color would look good?

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is bicarbonating soda same as baking soda for whitening teeth?

hey I just went to buy some baking soda for whitening teeth with but I couldnt find it on shelves and lady behind counter said that bicarbonating soda is same thing so I went and bought that its a little tub is this true or not?

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How old do you have to be to buy weight loss pills?

I'm not gonna buy them, I'm just wondering.
Things like adios that you can just walk into a shop and find on the shelves?
My friend told me that there wasn't an age limit but I'm unsure.

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FunAdvice Trivia: Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?

A) For children's hands to hold them
B) To turn them into fun mobiles when the crackers were gone
C) To hang them on pegs, saving space on store shelves
D) To hang them on a Christmas tree

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Redecorating my room

I was thinking of redecorating my room. I want a warm and cozy feeling. It's now blue and yellow. I plan to put like, a carpet somewhere, and a little shelve in the corner for my books so it'll be like my little reading corner. And I want to get a new ...

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Secret door spells

Is there any way to create you're own secret room using magick? Like make a door in a wall or wake shelves turn beck to make a little room that you know the incantation to? If so please reply with the spell,ritual,or site or tangible resource please! T...

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Hurricane Ike in Florida

Anyone else live in South Florida where Ike is heading?

It's a category 4 storm (the scale is 1-5). Andrew was a 5. Katrina was a 5.

Ike is basically heading right south of Miami. People are starting to board everything up, schools are already cance...

49 views · Environmental Issues

How to dye my hair when I'm allergic?

I have become (in the last 5 years or so) allergic to hairdyes. I have tried most of the ones off the shelves and they all have the same effect-chronic itching and red soreness to the point its a no no. I can still bleach my hair and this is fine but t...

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I dont know why they let me go of that job in the supermarket?

I was doing a training in a supermarket, up and down the ladder to put the products on the shelves labeling products with the prices, helping the people to find something when they didnt know the supervisor toldme i was doing a good job, i was willing ...

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Hey...I Need to know if this is right. I have Science homework. Its on a cell. I am Compairing a Cell to Walmart. Is this right?
Nucleus: Boss
Cytoplasm: Air
Cell Membrane: Doors
Cell Wall: the Walls
Nuclear Membrane: Bosss' Desk/Room

67 views · Science

How can I get rid of the acne on my forehead and chin?

I've tried so many things it really broke out at the end of summer and it hasn't been getting any better! I've tried clean and clear products... Neutogena.. St.ives...uhh acene clear.. Almost everything they have on the shelves at walmart. Also recentl...

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Bedroom makeover... Bad idea?

I was thinking about getting rid of my bedframe and just leaving my mattress on the floor and then I would get rid of my dresser and get a coffee table and possibly finding bins to put under it for my clothers or just put shelves in my closet. Would th...

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What do you think about microwave popcorn smell - love it or gag to it?

I wonder why some people absolutely love the smell of popcorn in the microwave and others, me included, actually can't be in the same building with it? When I worked in an office with about 80-100 people, there were about 7 of us who couldn't bear it,...

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