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Second-Hand Serenade

Do you like the song " Fall for You " by Second-Hand Serenade?

16 views · Music

Can second hand smoke of marajuana get in my system ?

All my friends smoke weed except for me. Can I get popped on a urine test for second hand smoke?

41 views · Health

How to own your own clothing store?

How to own your own clothing store?

64 views · General Knowledge

how to masterbate with no hands

How do you masterbate with no hands??

1968 views · Sex NSFW

What's your favorite store?

What's your favorite store

55 views · Shopping

What are some "emo" stores?

31 views · Shopping NSFW

What is a thrift store?

40 views · Shopping

Is there a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise?

I'm looking for a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise because there is a particular item I want to get for my friend for her birthday. please do help if you know about a store.

99 views · Shopping

What does second-hand smoke cause?

If your exposed to secondhand smoke growing up, will it cause the fetus to be damaged or affect the fetus in any way even if you do not smoke or are not around smoking anymore?

19 views · Health

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