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Is it ok to keep Reptiles?

Is it ok to keep Reptiles?

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DO all vets care for reptiles?

DO all vets care for reptiles?

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Pet Choice, which reptile to get?

I can get any pet I want. But I want a repile what type should I get??

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Best Pet Reptile

Between frogs,and reptiles,lizards,etc. Which is best as a pet and why?

I want to get one,but not sure which.

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Why do some people are 'scared' of reptiles?

It seems like almost everyone is scared of reptiles. I don't really understand why, Maybe it could be because of movies make them look bad and scary?

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blueprints for reptile cage

I'm going to buy a "red tegu" hopfully soon at a reptile expo, so I was just wondering if anybody out there has a monitor that gets fairly large (3 and a half to 6 feet) and could give me the blueprints for its cage.

right now I'm thinking of an 8' ...

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what retile should I get???

Can you tell me what is the best reptiles to get... please...

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Where can I buy corn snakes in Delaware?

I know they are common, but the reptile store they had went out of business, and PetSmart has everything but.

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Mortal Kombat SM: Living Forest:

Mortal Kombat SM: Living Forest:
How do I / Where do I find the Hints to find Reptile? I've Been having a hard time trying to find tem. Can anyone help me

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Who can identify this snake?

Some friends saw it while camping, but it's unusually large for this part of Northern Ontario. My first thought is that it's a King Snake, but I'm not really knowledgeable about reptiles. Any ideas?

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Can a day gecko or any gecko live with out live food?

My friend told me you can let them live off this powder stuff and reptile jelly and fruit to mix the powder with? i'm not allowed to own one if it's given any live food or even dead i need help thanks?

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Lizard like licking in my Terrier

My small terrier has an annoying habit of sticking out her tongue for hours and just licking the air. its as though she was some sort of reptile and is trying to sense things through her toungue. she drinks enough water, so I don't think its dehydrat...

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What do I need to bye a croc?

Well I love reptiles and im only 13 when I lived at my dads I was catching snakes crocs all that but now I live in melbourne and with my mum soo im just whating to no how old I have to be to own a croc and what I have to have I allready got a really bi...

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is it hard to look after a snake

ok well my brotyher just got a bearded dragon (a lizard) as a early christmas present and now at the reptile shop he goes to to get food for his beardie theres this really big snake and it looks so cool I theen said to my parents that I wanted a snake ...

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what you can bring from Vietnam back to Australia.

Im looking forward to bring a laptop, pet and just wanting to know what you can bring from Vietnam back to Australia.

If it was the laptop.
1. Would I have to pay to take it here?
2. Will they let me bring it back and check it for Virus etc....

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