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How to survive a breakup

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What information do you need to send a postcard ?

What information do you need to send a postcard ?
Lilke street name state Etc?

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Does Wal Mart have postcards?

If so, where are they? I didn't really look hard last time and I don't want to drive all the way over there if they're not there lol

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Did they succeed in escaping from Alcatraz?

In 1962 Frank Morris, John and Clarence Anglin escaped from "The Rock", the prison known as Alcatraz, some claim they could have made it, relatives claim they recieved south American postcards from the Anglins and even the mythbusters team proved it co...

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Should I quit nursing for medical school?

This is my first question, so please be nice!

Ok. Doing my nursing degree, but wondering if I should do medicine instead? At uni in brighton, so still the same site...

I don't know, five years is a long time...I'd also like to do psychology as th...

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What is the top 10 songs in your itunes?

What are your top 10 songs in your itunes right now?
And what is your favourite song right now?
My top ten are:
10- Feel the love - cut copy
9- Moths wings - passionpit
8- Always more - AutoKratz
7- Postcard - An horse
6- Lights and music - Cut ...

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Ordering/ UPs.

So my boyfriend ordered me these three shirts from Wetseal and everyday I track it down on UPs, but on Nov. 1st they wrote on the tracking "A CORRECT COMPANY OR RECEIVER NAME IS NEEDED FOR DELIVERY. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION" and the...

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What's your most lame addiction?

Just a question before I go to sleep. :)

Might be serious/not serious addictions. If its serious, hope you get help. If its all in the name of fun, well then haha :d

Okay, dont laugh at me :)

My lamest addiction was back in american idol seas...

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Is the summer ruining my chances with him?


I'm in college, and in my first semester, met a boy named Kenneth. I had a crush on him then, but I couldn't be w/ him then because he had a girlfriend at the the time. This passed semester, he turned up in one of my classes, and he got to talki...

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