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Should I go to an optician before I use cosmetic contacts?

I only want to wear them to change my eye color.

14 views · Health

Dark Circle and Puffness under eys

I have dark circle and puffness under my eyes. I have tried to get rid of these problems but could not get any positive result. Of course I have not consulted with any eye optician to get help on these issues. First I tried with auervedic medicine and ...

41 views · Beauty & Style

I want coool specs, but which ones?

So basically I want to start using glasses. I know wear contacts because my eyesight is really weird so its sort of hard for the optician to make glasses for me. Anyways me qs is what; shape, color and such would suit me?
I dont have any colored pics,...

11 views · Beauty & Style

When I wear my glasses more will my eye sight get better?

Basicaly im short sighted and I need glasses, but my optician didnt tell me if I had to wear them permanent or just for when im at the back of class or watching tv.
If I wear them for most of the time will they get better as I grow up or will they ju...

57 views · Health

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