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Mental health

Can a taser gun affect your mental health?

If you have been tasered by a taser gun, can it affect you mentally?

73 views · Health

Who health definition?

Who health definition?

40 views · Health

Do mental health counselors actually help?

are mental health counslers just stupid and do they help any one?

22 views · Health

Do you like mental health workers???

I guess it dependz on the person but I like some ...they can really help a lot!!!

22 views · Health

How does obesity effect your health?

How does obesity effect your health?

52 views · Health

What does it mean to be called 'high-risk' in regards to mental health?

Just wondering, thats what my therapist and psychiatrist think.

31 views · Health

Is psychology a health science?

25 views · Health

Is my health insurance good?

23 views · Health

how come As soon as I walk into a spider web, I turn into a mental health patient?

..i mean im not afraid of them but that happens why?

24 views · General Knowledge

Does mental illness go away?

Does Mental Illness's go away as you grow?

96 views · Health

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