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How do you find out about medicare part b?

How do you find out about medicare part b?

15 views · Health

Can I get help from medicare for a handicapped shower?

Can I get help from medicare for a handicapped shower?

17 views · Health NSFW

Do you know why Medicare is not reliable?


I talked to my cousin last week about the eligibility for Medicaid since I decided to keep my father-in-law in an assisted living facility coz my husband has hectic day in his job and I am busy with my business and the kids. Since we're paying a...

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Can I go to the Doctor without a Medicare card?

can i go to the doctors without a medi care card?
and if i can does it cost lots of money
coz i need sumfin to make me stop thinking botu killing ppl n killing myself and gettin so angry i cnt control myself..
is there anyfin i can do
my parents dnt ...

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Medicare, medicaid, volunteering, not for profit

I've been thinking about this a lot and the more I see people struggle and other people take advantage, the more it makes me angry...perhaps I'm blowing this put of porportion but I really dont think I am , so I welcome feedback.
I used to do this vol...

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What program will help my injured mother-in-law?

sue we are having a hard time finding a program that will help my 86 year old mother-in law to the dr. she is pralized from waist down she has medicare but they won't pay the ambulance she also has part b of medicare if you know of any please let me kn...

31 views · Health

Who should bear the burden of the taxes?

Here's some things to consider before answering:
10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.)
Social Insurance taxes ...

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What could a Canadian minor do about a doctor's appointment?

I am a Canadian (Therefore, I have free medicare), and I am confused about the system. I am also a minor, 16. I want to set up a doctor's appointment, something routine, I'm very concerned about my health, and though my parents are perfectly fine peopl...

17 views · Health

Why do people look down on those who need to see government assisstance?

I had to use medicare during my pregnancy, my son is on medicaid and was on wic as a baby, and im currently seeking unemployment after getting laid off. It just frustrates me that ive worked hard since i was 15 and paid taxes yet people feel the need t...

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Where to turn when the hospital says I'm fine?

Ever sence february i've been going to the hospital to see whats wrong with my stomach and they said nothing is wrong with it and my family said that it could be my golblader is exspanding and getting larger and larger but i don't now what to do bec...

12 views · Health

Going to the doctors myself?

I was just wondering if I am able to go to the doctors myself or with a friend without a parent? I'm only 15. I've been feeling dizzy and lightheaded lately and I just wanted to make sure everything is okay. I told my parents but they don't really unde...

31 views · Health

Would you support an end to taxes on wages?

I'm not talking about income tax in general, or even Social Security/Medicare, but strictly federal taxes on wages. By my estimates, taxes on wages represent only 16% of the total tax receipts. Surely that could be accomodated by other means.


28 views · Politics & Law

Doctors, Payment & Possibly Pregnant

Ok, this is my friends account. She recently had the same problem as me and suggested I try asking this site. I tried making my own account but for some reason I never got the verification emails and I couldn't figure out how to resend them (if you kno...

11 views · Sex

Whats up with income taxes

I want my paycheck all of it but before I even can get it I lose like 40% to taxes. Im not a wealthy person so it makes no sense to me for me to lose so much. I look at some of the taxes social security,medicare,disabilities federal and other junk.

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Do you think doctors sometimes recieve "kick backs" from drug companies for writing prescriptions (read more)?

Are people taking too much medicine? The television ads for meds are endless and use the power of suggestion to play on people's psyche to try and make them "think" they need it. Especially the ones for antidepressants. Those drugs are powerful and mes...

44 views · Drugs

How does Sarah Palin remind me of George Wallace?

Watching a broadcast of the Nashville Tea Party Convention I could not help but hear Palin's mocking tone, her empty, bumper-sticker platitudes, and her irrational personal attacks on the president, accompanied by the howls of her receptive audience, a...

53 views · Politics & Law

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