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Where in Marina Bay sands hotel can infinity pool be located?

Do you know what part of the maruma bay sands hotel in singapore The so called infinity pool be located?

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we need a nickname for her, any good ideas???

my friend is named marina and we need a nickname for her, any good ideas???

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what do you think of the names rayelle nicholi, keely marina,sienna ruthlynd?

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Who are some of your favorite UK artists/bands?

These people aren't my favorite just some I found yesterday. Alex Clare, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran (knew about for a little over a month now), Marina & The Diamonds (i love her), The Saturadays (they're cool).

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I Love J-Pop!!!

Is there anyone that loves J-pop and if there is, which bands/singers do you prefer? Mine are L'arc'en'ciel, Orange Range, Utada Hikaru, Inoue Marina, Yui Makino, Gazzette, and a few more that I won't name for the benefit of others; )

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What summer water sport/toys should we sell?

Hey, my family and I are trying to decide what type of summer water sport / toys we should sell at our marina. My dad asked me to find out what some of the most popular are. Anyone that wouldnt mind telling me what their favorite is would really help m...

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first job, sooo nervous.

Tuesday is the first day im starting my first job. I'm 17 years old. I am so nervous, I'm always thinking about what if I mess up, or what if costumers get frustrated by me if I don't know something. It is at a local marina, docking boats, helping keep...

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What would you put as the conclusion?

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald!
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury I am here today to talk to you about Lee Harvey Oswald and to prove that he is guilty of the murder of John F Kennedy.
Firstly Lee Harvey Oswald’s motives for killing the president of ...

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Is my friend being a jerk?

We recently got a new boat. My best friend's husband works at a Marina and told my husband that his friends would pull the boat out of the water for a six pack and that he would help him paint the bottom of the boat b/c he can get the paint for free. W...

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