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How does a manicure feel like?

What does the manicurist actually do apart from painting them?

12 views · Beauty & Style

How to give yourself a manicure

Okay well I've been trying to give myself a manicure by putting tape on my finger and painting the tips white. But it aways turns out messy. Any other tips?

16 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

think men getting manicures are "gay"

My uncle is a mechanic and his nails are or length and always dirty and it makes him look like a dirty person, he has a second job and goes to work with dirty nails. I try to persuade him to go get a manicure... but he thinks it's "gay" you think ...

27 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Is it OK for guys to like manicures?

Is this ok for a guy to do? Im a 29 year old guy and I like having my nails done at the beauty salon. I also like to wear nail polish on my toenails. Right now im wearing pink nail polish on my toenails. Im also interested in getting a set of acrylic f...

59 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

I need the correct term for certain manicure

heyy I want to get my nails done for my senior prom in a couple weeks, and I've never gotten fake nails/acrylics put on. but I REALLLY want them put on. so I want to know how do I ask for them. im not trying to be stupid, I just see like signs on windo...

44 views · Beauty & Style

Interesting nail ideas

Anyone know of interesting ways and ideas of painting my nails? I'm sick of just painting them in french manicures and plain colours. Thanks!

42 views · Beauty & Style

what do you call this?

what do you like call it when you go to the salon and get fake nails put on professionally? like you call them and say what? because I need to do it but like, I don't know whether to call it a manicure or something else?

9 views · Beauty & Style

How can I get more chaperones for the dance?

Me and my friends were going to go to the mall.. get manicures.. get outfits.. and everything for this big dance this saturday.. but theres a rumor that its going to be cancled because there isn't enough chaperones. Is there any way I can do this wi...

57 views · Entertainment

Beauty home remedies

My little sister is hosting this beauty retreat and she needs help with some beauty ideas. The trick is they have to be home remedies. For example, skin treatments, deep conditioning treatments for your hair, Face masks, pedicure, manicure. etc. We ha...

20 views · Beauty & Style

What to do about this bet I lost to a bunch of girls?

I lost a bet to a group of girls at work and now I have to be their slave and do everything they say. Part of the bet was to ask yahoo what I should have to do for them. They said they want to be pampered and not lift a finger. They had ideas like foot...

116 views · Beauty & Style

What beauty stuff do I need?

im 23,going on a weekend away on saturday I havent left myself much time I know lol its important though its my first time away with a guy!!
I really need help though like what can I do to body in 2-3 days,body brushing,lotions etc,manicure,pedicure.....

14 views · Beauty & Style

My friend keeps copying people, what should I do?

My friend keeps copying me like one day I came into school with a french manicure, next day she had one. We went shopping and she said she hated a top, but I liked it and brought it so she suddenly decided that she loved it and brought it too. In my ps...

62 views · Love & Relationships

18th birthday ideas

I have my 18th Birthday coming up and I really dont want to have like just a party I want to go out and do something. Can anyeone give me any good ideas on what I should do? I thought about going out to get a pedcure and a manicure and go and get my ha...

1315 views · Entertainment

Funky ways to paint your nails

Colors I have:
>Black (duh everyone has it!)
>white (another duh)
>Sparkly clear
>sparkly purple
>a creamy orange
>2 shades of dark blue
>several shades of hot pink
>neon pink
>2 shades of neon green
>neon orange
>neon yellow

69 views · Beauty & Style

Girl confessions for girls only

1. Do you sleep in your bra?
2. Have you kissed any one from your friends list?
3. Are you happy with your looks? Honestly?
4. Do you enjoy drama?
5. Are you a girly girl?
6. Who was the last person you hugged?
7. Small or large handbags?
8. Do ...

80 views · Sex


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Chapter One, Defiance

“I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...

44 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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