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What do heat and frost insulators do?

is there any site links you can give me? what is the job description? what are the responsibilities? what is the physical actions that they have to do?

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Are the definitions of Insulator and Isolator the same thing?

I'm a mechanic, and we call this small plastic block that are drilled with holes an Isolator, but other companies call it an insulator, why so?
Aren't they the same kind of definition or are they put into a different way?

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Would an ectotherm or endotherm tend to use insulators?

im trying to find the answer online while u guys answer the question. im having trouble finding it though, so if u know the answer, thx ahead of time :)

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What is the answer to this Physics Question?

Which has a greater electric resistance: electric conductors or electric insulators? WHY?

Please answer, thanks :)

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What can I do about the feathers coming out of my down-filled winter jacket?

I bought this winter jacket insulated with down (feathers) and I really like the look of it and it keeps me warm, but the feathers consistently come out through the fabric on the inside of the jacket and cover my clothes. It's embarrassing sometimes if...

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If I had a room made of cotton candy, would it be warmer than the rest of my house?

Like if the walls and everything were made of cotton candy. Cuz like wouldn't it sorta like insulate the room? Theoretically, obviously xD

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Grandma is sick

My grandma is sick and I cant figure out whats wrong with her. She has diabetes and a fever. What do I do ? Her fever is 102 and her sugar is like 177 and last night at 3 in the morning 300 so I dont no what to do she's not on insulent only the pill al...

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Is America getting too sensitive regarding safety laws?

I am talking mostly in regards to kids. our parents grew up without bike helmets, knee pads, or elbow pads; fighting in the school yard; living in houses with lead based paint on the siding and asbestos insulation in the attic. Most of them turned out ...

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Mom is upsetting me.

I am 13 weeks pregnant, and we just moved in with my fiance's mother and father because they are moving the beginning of this year, and we are going to take over payments. His father hates dogs and refuses to let my dog move in with us, so my grandma h...

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What can I do about this situation?

My mother is an extreme hoarder, she does not live with me but is trying to. I have called housing authorities about her extremely hazardous living conditions in reguards concerning no running water, no electricity, insulation pouring out of cealings, ...

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How to fix my porch, with no money?

Note: Porch is closed in so its more like an extra room..on the 2nd floor, and the only way to get to it is threw my room so my parents basically treat it as part of my room

Okay, so I have a porch that was leaking in the summer time.. I tore the ce...

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Is Plato's Closet a good place to shop for "scene" clothes?

Ok, so, tomorrow is my one and only day I get to go shopping for school this year, and I don't want to waste my time on a store I'm no going to like..  So, guys, I was wondering If you could let me in on if the store Plato's Closet is right for me.  My...

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Please double check my work

I already did this but I dont want to submit it unless im sure its right. So I swere im not cheating.

Match the correct vocabulary word to the appropriate definition.

1)kelvin scale
5)celsius scale ...

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Motorbike wont start

Motorbike wont start... Why?

Ok this one's a 250cc Bandit (Suzuki) it has in inline fuel filter and I have cleaned the carbs so its not that.
I have found that the wire coming from what I THINK is the starter motor that goes to the engine part of ...

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Fearful agnostic with religious pressure...?

I'm in a bit of a position. My family and society are uber-religious- and it's not like they're Christians, whose members at least live in (generally) normal society. No, my family are such that they live in like a 'bubble' of orthodox life. Consequent...

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