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Hot air balloon rides & rental

Hot Air Balloon

What is the maximum altitude of a hot air balloon?

13 views · Travel

Is it dangerous to ride in a hot air balloon?

Is it dangerous to ride in a hot air balloon? They look fun & romantic, but I've always thought a hot air balloon would be a little scary.

15 views · Entertainment NSFW

Do you think the manufacturer or the operator should be held responsible for a hot air balloon accident that claimed the lives of 2 people in B.C.?

The manufacturer had added an extra propane tank to the balloon, but the operator chose to fly it, even though it was unsafe. Who is most responsible?

17 views · Politics & Law

How do i swallow air?

22 views NSFW

Why is there air?

48 views · Environmental Issues

Why is my body so hot?

40 views NSFW

Which is lighter: hot air or cold air?

ok I guess hot water is lighter than cold water but what about hot air and cold air?
we can breathe cold air but not hot air so how does that work? is it because hot air is heavier than cold air? and if you put the covers over your head you can't stay ...

86 views · Science

how do I ride my boyfriend?

how do I ride my boyfriend?

642 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What is air pollution?

What is air pollution?

22 views · Environmental Issues

How to ride a skateboard?

How to ride a skateboard?

51 views · Sports & Activities NSFW

The weight of air

What is air's weight?

45 views · Science

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