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Home inspections

How to become certified to inspect for termites?

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What city in 1885 was the western adjustment and inspection c

What city in 1885 was the western adjustment and inspection co?

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Do tires have to pass inspection for Ford Certified Vehicles?

Do tires have to meet an inspection for Ford Certified Vehicles?

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What do you think about inspection stickers on cars, do you think they should be mandatory by law?

I hate having to get my car inspected every year and they will fail you for the stupidest reasons...i know most states dont have them anymore, do you feel that cars should be inspected once a year by law or that they should be gotten rid of in all states?

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Ordering safety items for my truck's inspection

alright I got in a wreck in my truck (2001 king ranch f150) and my inspection end january of this year or now I should say. does any one know of any websites I can order seat belts and/or air bags at cause I cant find nothing I've been looking for abou...

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How can I study for my ROTC Inspection when I'm really stressed out?

My highschool has a unit inspection on Nov. 2 and I am bugging out because I hardly know my Chain of Command or my 5 General Orders. Our Area Commander is Commander Jones but he will not be giving us( The Cadets) a inspection this year, a freaking D.I....

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We are klang songs

What are the chord progression's for these songs (search on youtube)
We are klang-inspection song
We are klang - we love our town song
We are klang - edinburgh and beyond

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Why don't inspectors get the right wage under this Act?

Why don't job site inspectors get paid prevailing wage, when inspecting jobs that fall under Davis Bacon Act?

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What gets drink stains out of carpet?

I had a huge party last night and now the carpet is stained with dark splotches from spilled drinks. The carpet is short and dark brown itself. Is there anything I can do to get these stains out? We have a landlord inspection today too ahahhaa.

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Racial profiling, is it wrong?

I only ask because im a security guard, I inspect vehicles entering and leaving the facility. And the only time I inspect a vehicle coming in is when he's islamic or some kind of middle eastern ethnenticity. 20-30 years ago that would be perfectly le...

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Why did a clump of hairs come out of a zit that was on my face?

I poped a zit on my face and at first it looked like a black head about a quarter inch had come out of it. After futher inspection I found that it was 6 to 7 hairs clumped together. The clump of hair was not attached to my face when it poped out of the...

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Why am I scared Of Windows and mirrors?

when ever I look outside I freak out thinking its a mirror (like when I see someone outside) think they are behind me. I hate looking at cars parked on the street!!!It freaks me out becuase I feel like someone is watching me so I'm alway inspecting the...

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What, is she prude, or am I pushing her?

We have been dating for about a month, and on the first date we made out, and on the 3rd, I felt her up, I always ask her if stuff is ok, but she hasn't even let me see her boobs, and it's not like my hands haven't throughly inspected every inch of the...

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When can I take a pregnancy test

Okay so like I said me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday and I've been peeing like crazy.. Well we used to protection trojan so it wasnt anything cheap thatll rip but it did when he pulled out and he inspected it and thankfully nothing was in it so we...

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What will it take to have my own home daycare

Ok I am great with kids I have worked in daycares, and I am a mother of a one year old baby girl. Oh and I have years of experience with children of different ages. I have for a long time wanted to have my own daycare. But rather then becoming a direct...

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What's wrong with my dog?

My four year old yellow lab has been walking around for the past 3 days with his tail down and almost between his legs. He acts like something hurts back there. I have inspected him and can't find anything wrong. I don't think he is constipated eith...

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Is a 1999 Hyundai Accent worth $2,000?

I just got my drivers permit and I've been saving up for a car. I'm wondering if I should get a simple, 3 -door car like the hyundai accent : I found a pretty good one for 2000$ at 128 000 km, repaired last year and inspected. Huyndai Accent 99

Is it ...

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Bedbugs how can I tell?

I am worried that my 10 year old is being attacked by bedbugs. I have had exterminators come out to inspect, 3 different ones, one guy said yes and the other 3 said no. I have changed my son's bedding and use allergie protective mattress covers and a ...

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Does anybody know what kind of crystal this could be?

My husband does pole inspection work and his job is to dig around and treat power and telephone poles. He found this while he was working near a highway. It doesn't fog up, it scratches glass and is reflective. If you hold it in the light in the right ...

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