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Granite countertops

How to clean granite headstones?

How to clean granite headstones?

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How to paint kitchen countertops?

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What did the ancient egyptians use limestone and granite for?

What did the ancient egyptians use limestone and granite for?

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How to fix uneven walls?

We just remodeled our kitchen and when we went to put in the countertops we found out our walls are very uneven. The countertop lays flush on one side of the wall and on the otherside there is a gap 3/4in wide. What can we do to fix this.

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Lost my Item Number, any way to look it up?

I had an item number for a Granite comforter set by Studio at JCPenny. But I lost it. Does anyone here know the item number for that comforter?

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Wrongly accused of stealing

My boss accused me of taking his customer to a different granite place where my brother happens to work and fired me.My brothers company never even gave this customer a Quote, when my boss claimed my brothers company had done the job.

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Where do you do your homework?

i can't stay in one place more than a week like i've down my hw in the pool, jacuzzi, breakfast table, kitchen countertop, dinning table, living room sofa, on the floor, balconies, at the beach, on the roof top, my bed, my closet, the foyer, or i lea...

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You know whats really pissing me off?

It seems like today every week you'll hear on the news something like "New study proved that granite tops can give you cancer, more at 11"
"New study proved that the radiation your cell phone gives off can give you cancer"

all this stupid crap abo...

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What causes a fishing pole's rod to become weak and brittle?

Never had it happen like this before, I was out fishing on the creek bank, just hooked a worm on, tossed my line in. I couldn't get a nibble or anything for 15 minutes so I decided to reel it in, check my bait, and recast.
Well, this is when it all w...

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Need help with project from evil science teacher

Hello my science teacher recently assigned my class with an assignment where we have to show erosion. It has to be a 3-d project and I may use whatever material I want to present it. I want to use cake, does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to ...

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music survey =)

put your ipod on shuffle.
press forward for each question.
use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING.

how do you feel today ?
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson ft Kayne West &Neyo

whats you...

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`Page 1
Chapter One, Defiance

“I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...

46 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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