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Fruit baskets

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Fruits Basket

where can I watch all episodes of Fruits Basket?

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Fruits Basket Anime/Manga

I herd they wern't going to make anymore Fruits Basket manga but were going to make more Fruits Basket Anime.

Is that true?

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Fruits Basket episode in English?

I LOVEEE fruits basket im obbsesed and I want to know where I can watch the 14th episode in english

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What's your fave fruit?

What's your fave fruit?

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Why is banana a fruit?

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What do you know about Fruits Basket the manga?

Im Obssesed with the books/show fruits baskets can you tell me everything you no about (especially with Kyo and Yuki's older brother ((like his name???)) )

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Tamato [[Vegetable or fruit]] ??

is a tamato a vegetable or a fruit ??? =]

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What fruits start with the letter I?

what is the fruits start with letter I

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Fruits Baskets

Does anyone know the Anime Fruits Baskets I love it but I finish watching all the episodes if you know an anime like fruits basket can you tell me.

I ♥ Kyo, yuki , momiji hatroi shigure ayame hatsuharu ritzu kisa hiro akito kagura iszusu{rin} k...

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what is the #1 best fruit for you?

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Why are eating fruits good?

17 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why are apricots and other fruits furry?

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Does anyone know exactly why the anime for Fruits Basket ended?

To only go up to manga 6 when there are 23 makes me sad, even if the ended the show on a good note. I have always asšumed it was because they made Akito too manly for the gender twist towards the end of the middle of the manga series.

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Who reads "Fruits Basket"?

That is my favorite manga series! Who has watched the shows and read the books? I am going to start the 16 book soon so no one spoil everything for me, I know too much already about that before I read it, they didn't even warn anyone there was spoilers...

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How to make hair gel from fruits?

How to make hair gel from fruits?

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What type of Fruits benefit you the most?

What type of Fruits benefits you the most? And what are they good for?

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Fruits or Vegetables

Which do you prefer for a diet, fruit diet or vegetable diet?

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Is an avacado a fruit or a vegetable?

is a avacado a fruit or a vegtible?

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