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Fax stware

Fax hook up

Need to know how to hook up my fax to phone or motum

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fax machine

my son is in grade 2 and he has to build a fax machine, what would he need and how will he build it?

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free fax software program to send and receive faxes via modem?

Is there any free fax software program to send and receive faxes via modem. It is necessary that the progam should be capable of printing the fax transmission log, as proof the the fax having been properly transmitted (for legal record). Do let me know...

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How to send email over a fax?

I asked you "I s it posible to send message to landline phone?"your answer iwes
"to the fax is posible"Could you tell me how its work?

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How to send a fax from email for free?

I need to send fax from my email.From my country we dont use credit cards for payment.
Do you know free email to fax website? I search it but I couldnt get it.

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Bank of americaa fax numberr

Bank of america fax number?
I need to fax a letter to bank of america UGRGENTLY!!! and they service hours arent open what is the fax number for the claim center?



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Will my cell number show on a fax machine?

Ok, I called this guy I like, I called him a few times (just buggin him) and then after it went to his fax. I used my cell phone but I blocked my number would it show up on his fax machine with my number regardless the fact that I did block my number??...

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Did I send my fax the right way?

I just faxed two important papers for the first time. I want to know that I did it right. So here's what I did: I dialed the # I was sending the papers to, put the paper in and pressed "Start." Then the machine scanned the paper. It gave me an option l...

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How to call a payphone?

Im trying to call some one that ia @ apay phone & it rings 3x then sounds like a fax.

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how do view and print an attachment?

someone send me an attachment but how do I print it ? I cliked print but it keeps sayn send a fax I dunno what to do all I want to do is print it thats it ! thanks

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Does have a mailing address?

My friends all claim they did at one point in time but all they have displayed is a fax number and I haven't seen a fax machine since 1997.

My son really wants me to send in this "parental consent form."

I emailed them and they've yet to respond...

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What's a good 3-in-1 printer?

I am looking for printer for my workplace which can scan, print and fax with a autofeeder. If anyone has any experience with those printers I would like to know which one is good and which one is bad.

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What office paper scanner should I get?

does any one here have or use a scanner? what type of scanner do you use? what brand? how much did it cost? what am i suppose to look at when buying a scanner? is it possible to get just a scanner without a printer or fax built in?

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What is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. ?

Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd.
17165 Platte St., Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: (303) 756-3400
Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com

but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed...

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Billing problems

I have paid a medical bill already but this hospital still bother me sendingme letters,
Saying that I have to pay something that I have paid already, I have sent faxes, I trace my money order I sent them a copy that says I paid my bill and the hosp...

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couldn't open any photo as I could before after opening photoshop

I usually use "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" for opening my photos and to view them as thumbnails (in a folder). Today I made a panorama photo using Photoshop CS3. After I did this I couldn't open any photo as I could before. I can't even see the pho...

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What is it inside us that connects everyone? Are we forgetting?

I was sitting idle, listening to Deadmau5's Faxing Berlin, and I suddenly started thinking about this. Are we not all connected, as humans? Obviously there are many barriers between the individual and the population in this society. Everyone has their ...

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B.B. King

what are the names of these two songs by B.B. King?
the lyrics to the first one are
"I was born in the junkyard,
A child of the streets,
My Dad was catching garbage,
And other tastes of treats.
Police chased and caught me,
I was in the pound al...

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Going back on a job offer?

I was browsing the paper a few months ago and a job offer caught my eye I was not entirly happy with my current job so I applyed. 30 hour after I sent the fax I got a call, that night I went to an interview and got an offer. I was ready to put in my n...

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