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which countries export asparagus?

which countries export asparagus?

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Whats irans main export?

Ok I have a question...whats irans main export...its 11 letters long...2 words...and the eighth letter is r...

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Ncaa 12 Road to Glory export player to madden 12 not working how to fix?

On Ncaa12 RTG after finishing senior yr,I tried to export my player to madden 12,when I press export player it tells me to name my file, after naming file it just stays on road to glory. Used game on xbox 360,how to fix?

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What do you think of an import and export business?

When i was working in a food factory i used to carry products from south america and europe all day working with cans of food from another countries and i was thinking im doing this for the minimum wage, because the only person who really wins is the p...

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I know this!

I have done all of these I just don't know how actually export the music to the ipod.

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Where can I find an assam silk buyer?

I want export assam silk.which is very much in demand. where can I find buyer for india and abroad?

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Uploading Youtube video help!

When I go to upload a video on youtube it says..return to your project and export your movie in .WMV format...any help with this..what is it and how do I fix it...please help

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Why is iMovie not letting me share?

So, I'm trying to export a video I made on iMovie, but whole "share" menu is unavailable. I've got no idea what to do. I tried shutting down my computer, restarting iMovie... and I can't find a way to reinstall iMovie alone without having to reinstall ...

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How do you save all your messages from your sidekick into your sim card?

So on May 31, T-Mobile is going to shut down the sidekicks & delete all the data .. I have 77 messages that I want to save I don't want them to delete... but I could only save 30 into my sim card which is weird because on the other phone I had in the p...

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Why isn't there a powerful, non oil rich Muslim country?

I have been asking many people this question lately...and nobody has been able to give me an answer. Every Muslim state in the world, depends on the export of oil...unless they are poor, war torn and suffering.

Is there an exception? Why is this, do...

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Which country should I research?

I must select a country to research, and I don't know wich country to choose!!
can anyone give me any nice cool beautiful countries to write about these things:
1-describe the different seasons
2-main language spoken
3-customs and cultures
4-economic d...

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Was the euro a good or bad idea?

It's become a strong rival of the us dollar, replacing the dollar in the currency reserves of several countries. it's boosted trade and travel within europe to unprecedented levels. it's helped to lift former soviet bloc countries out of poverty. an...

57 views · Politics & Law

Can you help me place the steps of protein synthesis in the correct order from first to last?

Can you help me place the steps of protein synthesis in the correct order from first to last?
Place the steps of protein synthesis in the correct order from first to last- any help would be appreciated! thanks

1 The amino acids are joined togethe...

29 views · Science

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