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What do you soak dental flippers or dentures in?

and is it ok to soak them in mouth wash mixed with warm water?

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When giving a bj, does it matter if the person has a denture?

I want to give a guy head, but what keeps me from doing this is the feeling he will have when he knows I wear dentures. Will he feel bother or will he still enjoy the blowjob?

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Denture Advice

I got dentures 6 months and I'm still having problems keeping the upper denture in. I keep choking on it and then they will fall out and hit the bottom one out. What can I do to calm the reflex to choke on the denture? I've gone to my dentist and he s...

58 views · Health

shifting of teeth

does the teeth continue to shift after a number of teeth have been removed, does it ever stop shift or will it continue until dentures are put in

55 views · Health

Funny Commercials

Whats your favorite Funny Commercial? I have a few, lol.

JG Wentworth- Opera- Commercial
Hillshire Farm- Go Meat Meat- Commercial
Starburst- Berries and Cream- Commercial
Seabond- Dentures- Commercial New Car- & - Pirates- ...

90 views · Entertainment

Oral piercing help??

Ok so I allready have 7 piercings. 5 in both ears a navel and eyebrow piercing. I want to get either a tongue or lip piercing done. But not completly sure which 1. and I have no teeth but getting dentures so it wouldnt ruin my teeth but would it do an...

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