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What is fashion merchandising?

what is fashion merchandising? what do they do and what are the possibilities that i can get if i studied for fashion merchandise?

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wheres the best place to get twilight merchandise?

wheres the best place to get twilight merchandise?

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Where are warehouse jobs in Atlanta?

Can you give me a job listing in Atlanta, Ga?

38 views · Jobs & Money

What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?

What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?

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Where can I get really cool Blood on the Dance Floor merchandise?

I know you can get bracelets and stuff at Hot Topic, and on there website. Is there any Other places?

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What is the best Online Commodity trading website for a beginner?

I want to invest some money in the Commodity market. Which website is the best for beginners? I already opened demat account
Please suggest me how should I proceed now?

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Is there a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise?

I'm looking for a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise because there is a particular item I want to get for my friend for her birthday. please do help if you know about a store.

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Where can I find merchandise for a band that broke up?

And all the merch on the band's website isnt being made anymore? No amazon or ebay answers please. The band is Envy on the Coast.

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Where can i buy SHINee merchandise from?

ive already checked some websites (ebay, amazon ect) but i cant find anything good! the only thing i DID find was a keyring =.='

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What is a good sub-prime merchandise card?

And where do you get one,ok im looking up stuff on how to fix my credit and I find some advice that sounds ok just where do I get a sub-prime merchandise card I dont want to be ripped off...

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are there security devices in merchandise other than the ink tags?

in stores such as macys and jc penny and department stores as those. because a lot of times after I pay, the alarm stil goes off even if tags are removed. are there any security devices concealed or something??

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Where to buy band merchandise?

What are some good stores, online or otherwise, that have a good selection of band merchandise? Specifically, I'm looking for a Sublime pullover hoodie with some artwork by Opie Ortiz (album cover artist, tattoo artist). Any ideas?

48 views · Music

How to establish myself as a real estate broker?

how can I establish myself as an real estate agent or broker? how can I contact companies loking for the lease warehouses? (I can provide warehouses I.e. godowns )

30 views · Home & Garden

If something is on sale for 1/4 off the price, what's the discount?

the dress store is having a sale where all merchandise is 1/4 off. a woman buys$30 of merchandise at the sale price. what would she have to pay at the regular price?

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Where can I buy Overwatch Sombra Hacked Pachimari?

Sombra hacked pachimari is the new merchandise of Overwatch. Can any body know which is the place where i can buy it?

30 views · General Knowledge

What should I wear to my Jonas Brothers concert?

Should I dress up? Or could I order a JB tshirt off their merchandise store?

37 views · Beauty & Style

What are best paying jobs in the paint & coatings industry?

My job right now pays me around 50k a year to manage a warehouse. What are the best paying jobs that I could get into from my industry which is paint and coatings?

32 views · Jobs & Money

Where can I find a job in Milw?

I've been unemployed for a while now and really need a job. does anyone know of a place that is hiring? Warehouses, factories, ect.

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