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Colonic therapy


where is the colon located and what is it's purpose?

14 views · Health

What is TTouch therapy for animals?

9 views · Pets & Animals

Differences between laxatives and colon cleansers?

What's the differences between laxatives and colon cleansers?

53 views · Health

what is going to therapy like?


11 views · Health

What's a very good colon cleanse?

whats a really good colon cleanse I can do?

64 views · Health NSFW

Does masturbating help in preventing colon cancer?

Does masterbating help in preventing colon cancer??

218 views · Sex NSFW

Someone who's over 50 and has problems cleansing their colon

What would you suggest for someone who's over 50 and has problems cleansing their colon?

12 views · Health

horseback riding/massage therapy

how can massage therapy help the injuries of horseback riders

13 views · Sports & Activities NSFW

Natural Colon cleanse?

Anyone know if there is a way to do a natural Colin cleanse?

39 views · Health

What animals are used for therapy and service?

Can you tell me animals that are used for therapy, seach and rescue, service and protection?

16 views · Pets & Animals

Colon cleanse?

How does colon cleanse work??
Like how long before you start seeing results?

22 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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