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Future in catering?

is there a future in catering and culinary arts ?

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Is the only dating site that caters to Catholics?

<p>CatholicMatch caters specifically to Catholics who value their faith. The website give you easy questions that detail your faith, along with multiple options to express the particulars of your faith to other single Catholics. Is th...

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What are some great Canadian bra stores that cater to thinner girls who are busty?

like someone who is in a wacky size like 36F or 34G?? I'm in St. John NFLD on vacation and I'm hoping to find something that's not overly expensive because I'm constantly changing sizes. Thanks :)

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Is an Australian hotel for homosexuals discrimination?

An Australian hotel catering for homosexuals has won the right to ban heterosexuals from its bars - Is this discrimination / intolerence and if not, why not ?

17 views · Sex

What are common vegateterian foods?

I am having a party in march for my 21st and I'm looking at catering for vegeterians, as well as non vegeterians and as I'm not 1 im not sure on what stuff to cater...

other than cheese and onion sandwhichs/quiches/crisps ect... lol

any help will...

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How to qet rid of my moms boyfriend?

he is soo anoyin.and lazy he doesnt cut the grass or rake the yard.
my mom caters to him like its one of her kids.
her birthday was last week he didnt qet her a qift.
and on her birthday she was catering to HIM
he cheated on her before..and there still...

81 views · Parents & Family

Where can someone go to find jobs for convicted felons?

Where do convicted felons go to find jobs. No one seems to want to take them so their must be a special service that caters to them. Right?

736 views · Jobs & Money

What has been your experience with FarmersOnly?

<p>FamersOnly is a niche online dating service that caters to non “city folks.” It helps farmers that live many miles apart meet other farmers. What has been your experience with FarmersOnly? </p>

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Party space for rent in the bronx

im having a party IN THE BRONX, a "sweet sixteen" I just dont know where. My birthdays in October, "con sazon" is taken and all I found is kismet caterers , but I want to have options just incase. any suggestions ?

48 views · Entertainment

BBQ Custom Cooking Business

Does anyone have any advice for starting a Custom BBQ Catering business? I am in my early fifties and cannot find a decent job after being layed off in November 2007. My expertise and passon is cooking Texas Home Style BBQ. I've been in charge of large...

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Cougar Life - How do I get on the VIP list?

<p>Cougar Life claims to connect “modern, confident women with energetic younger men. Cougar Life has grown to become one of the largest online dating sites catering exclusively to cougar singles and hot young men looking to date them. How do I get on ...

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Companies that will donate for a wedding?

I want to know if there is any wedding companies/agencies, catering companies/agencies, flower agencys/florists and kind giving people that would help me out by giving donations, or gifts, hampers, or being a sponser, for a wedding. not a big expensive...

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How to transform my style? a girl who lives in south africa, gauteng to be specific and I want to change my style.I want to become a punk, but I just dont know how to go about it.if someone knows of shop I can go to, which caters for punks or can anyone offer advice on the...

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Holiday advice

Hello there I am just wondering which is cheaper:

Buying a last minute holiday ALL INCLUSIVE


Buying a last minute holiday either self catering or half board and then upgrade to ALL INCLUSIVE at the hotel desk upon arrival

All advice welc...

9 views · Travel

What would you decide?

*Hypothetical question*

You are dating someone who you have grown to absolutely adore.
This person makes you genuinely happy, and you've never been more happy than you are when you are with this person.

Your friends don't like this person, but h...

40 views · Love & Relationships

What food is cheap and simple for my wedding?

I am stumped what kinda food should I serve it will be spring time and I want to cut costs as much as I can. I am thinking pasta and a couple different kinds of sauce. I want to cut costs as much as I can so I want the kitchen done by family no cater...

43 views · Food & Dining

Wedding mayhem

Ok, so I am a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, and I am helping her do planning... (oh man is this ever stressful) anyways we were wondering what things we should be planning first... I mean we already have invitations figured out and somewhat ta...

37 views · Love & Relationships

Gays in the Military.

In Obama's campaign, he said that he would make it so that the military welcomed gay men and women into their ranks with open arms...
There is an articlein Newsweek about this.
Asking "should gays be allowed to serve openly?"

My personal opinio...

63 views · Sex

How to not feel useless at work?

I started my first job (I'm only in high school) and it's just my third week but I feel completely USELESS! My job is to push around little dishes of appetizers around the restaurant and ask if the customers want any and if they do,(its like cat...

103 views · Jobs & Money

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