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Bridal registries

How to delete registry keys?

How to delete registry keys?

17 views · Computers & Tech

How to apply bridal makeup?

How to apply bridal makeup?

24 views · Beauty & Style

How do you clean white bridal satin shoes?

How do you clean white bridal satin shoes?

10 views · Education & School NSFW

Bridal shower, what to wear?

What do people normally wear to a bridal shower?

40 views · Beauty & Style

How do I view bridal photos placed on youtube?

How do I view bridal photos placed on youtube?

23 views · Parents & Family

What is the best type of bridal diaper to wear?

63 views · General Knowledge

What should I get my best friend for her bridal shower?

What are some good gifts to get my best friend for a bridal shower gift? I'm terrible at buying gifts and need some help.

215 views · Shopping NSFW

My Bridal Shower!

Please Help! My bridal Shower is this weekend and I have no clue what to wear...any suggestions? guys...u may not b into this but please help! thanks.

32 views · Beauty & Style

Stylish bridal collection from unnatisilks

unnatisilks that was offering the latest and stylish wear bridal collection with a lot of variety's,design's on different fabrics.Once you also visit the unnatisilks and buy your favourite saree from the bridal collection

13 views · Beauty & Style

Can anybody tell me from where I can download registry cleaner?

Hiee guys, my PC had shown regular errors and I got frustrated. Can anyone help me out and provide me a site to fix the errors?

17 views · Computers & Tech


Why do I need to clean up my registries? and what are they? How do they get messed up anyway?

39 views · Computers & Tech

Beautiful paithani sarees wedding collection?

Hai friends,

In the next week i have to visit wedding party of my cousin.For that i am going to present a bridal wear paithani saree to my cousin .where can i find this variety,plz give your sugguestions

43 views · Beauty & Style

Help henna kit>>> I need one asap

Im doing bridal henna and need a kit that has henna applicator bottles (jacquard bottles) glitter henna paste, some henna powder and a few designs if possible but main thing is the jacq. Bottles!!!

I need them under £10-15!!! Thats $35 I think...

14 views · Shopping

MUSIC: Hardcore, metal, screamo :BANDS

Send some suggestios please
I LOVE : parkway drive
bury tomorrow
enter shikari
the bridal procession
does anyone know some equally cunting Excellent bands to these, or ones just as good ? x

55 views · Music

What are you doing tomorrow???

What are you doing tomorrow...aghh well one of my really good friends is getting married and I have to go...she asked me to be her bridesmaid and I said yes well I then turned it down and I feel really bad..then I didnt go to her bridal shower nor her ...

33 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Best make up with a red dress

I am in a wedding next weekend, our dresses are Apple red from David Bridal and our shoes are black. The wedding is at night. I have auburn hair, green eyes, and freckles. I am not too fair skinned, have been in the sun and tanning bed. I dont normall...

36 views · Beauty & Style

Desperate need to find this movie??

I remember there was a man who keeps women in a dungeon, captive. He decided to kill one of the girls and put a bridal gown on her. The women were chained to the ceiling, and the girl he was going to kill tried to escape by pretending to be his son's d...

10 views · Entertainment

I have the diamond but can't find the setting

I have a 1ct. princess cut diamond but not the setting! I am trying to find a “bridal set”, but one with a split shank and missing the center stone so I could put my 1ct. stone into it! I have been searching EVERYWHERE and I am having no luck! :0( I ...

54 views · Shopping

Genes role on chronic bronchitis

A study on the population-based Swedish Twin Registry, has discovered that genes play a major role in the development of respiratory disease like chronic bronchitis. It states the smoking is fine but it has play a dangerous role specially for women who...

43 views · Health

What causes the windows error code 0x800705b4?

Computer users shouldn’t ignore such errors even though it is not considered as a big deal. If ignored, the outcomes can lead to system crash.
• Computer drives are out of date else installed incorrectly.
• Uninstall or install app wrongly and infe...

8 views · Computers & Tech

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