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How do you translate jewelry boutique in spanish?

How do you translate jewelry boutique in spanish?

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Boutique names

I am opening a boutique and I had these names in mind, Exclusives, Rare, Restricted, Absolute, Special, Rock me, Cupcakz or Matchless which one sounds the best ? thank you

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Does anyone know any really cute boutiques that have reasonably priced clothes? I don't want any suggestions to try Forever 21 or Hollister or DEB or whatever. I already shop in those places. I'm looking for a less-known online only boutique or somethi...

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Where should I shop on vacation in Orlando, FL?

Im going on holiday to orlando but staying on international drive.
i was wondering if anybody could tell me where i could find great shopping.
Big brand shops and small boutiques for one of things.

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What was it in this commercial?

In a commercial you may have seen, who talked about how "anything can happen" in her daily life, and then used a credit card to deal with unexpected issues that arose, including a rental car that didn't meet her needs?
Was it
High school soccer coac...

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