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Bail bondsmen

Should the government bail out people in forclosure?

Should the government be responsible for bailing out people in forclosure?

13 views · Politics & Law

What would happen if we don't bail out Wall Street?

What would happen if we don't bail out wall street? And what's the difference between wall street and main street?

45 views · Politics & Law

What do call a bail in skateboard?

I mean if you fail doing some tricks on the skateboard,theres a term for failed tricks.
So what is it?

34 views · Sports & Activities

FunAdvice Trivia: Who signed the bail bond to have Jefferson Davis released from prison?

A) Horace Greeley
B) Varina Davis
C) Nathan B. Forrest
D) Clement Vallandigham

12 views · FunAdvice Community

Corporate salary cap only for future bail out recipients?

Obama isn't going nearly far enough. I read this morning that the salary cap of annual compensation is only for companies that are *going* to apply for the next round of bail out money, NOT for those that already received government assistance.

Fine, ...

37 views · Politics & Law

My boyfriend was refused bail and is in jail

Can someone help me
My boyfriend was under the influence of a lot of drugs with a older mate of his. His mate drove him 2 a sex shop while he waited in the car my boyfriend had to go in and grab the til. He had a knife but didnt hold it against the sho...

29 views · Sex

$700 billion dollar bail out

Ok see if this makes any sence what so ever to you. Just had this thought a few days ago. Wall St. is getting handed $700 billion dollars because the united states citizens were spending money they didn't have which caused the banks to also go into d...

33 views · Politics & Law

My friends all bailed on me

Ugh what czn I do about all of my close friends?
Kay so we all are now moving into hs, and were all llik splitting to dif schools, and rite now, everyones like being so mean and leaving me out of like everything, while they hang together, and leave me...

40 views · Love & Relationships

will I go to jail or have to pay $10000?

I have charges pending against me. I have violated part of my bail and theres a warrant out for my arrest until the prelimanary hearing. now the charges are supposed to be dropped at the hearing. So if I do not go to jail will I have to still pay the 1...

39 views · Jobs & Money

My friend went to jail for a crime his friend did.

Hello everyone my friend went to jail because his friend he was with had a false check. We bailed him out but when he went back to court they arrested him because of his criminal history and raised his bail what can he do? We really miss him...

49 views · Politics & Law

My dad's in jail now, I don't know where to go or what to do?

My dad's in jail now...I don't know what to do where to go and if I should save up my $$ to bail him out, but also its a $10,00 bond

40 views · Parents & Family

How much time will my boyfriend have to do ?

He's 17 last night he got cought robbing a car they charged him with a felony and a mistor meaner he's currently in jail now and they gave him a 10,000 bail tomorrow is his court will the judge lower his bail ?

15 views · General Knowledge

Willl I be in with the violent crowd?

Im going to jail for 26 days for violating a bail. Will I be put in with the violent criminals and what not?

14 views · General Knowledge

What to use as collateral for a bond?

it has to be worth 500$. im only 17 and I'm trying to bail someone out, but I have to have something for collateral... any ideas?

10 views · Jobs & Money

What should my boyfriend and I talk about?

My Boyfriend and I were sitting down at school today and we like talked to each other for a while and then we just didn't know what to say. Luckily my friend bailed me out but what do I do next time?

35 views · Love & Relationships

How late is Target open?

I was suppose to go out tonight but my friend bailed. Now I'm all dressed up and no where to go. Anyone know if Target is still open? Maybe I will finish my christmas shopping.

76 views · Shopping

How do I survive in prison?

Im 19 and weigh 121. Im on my way to prison for violating a part of my terms of my bail. what should I do or what can I do to survive without injury and getting raped. Please help me out.

75 views · General Knowledge

quinceanera music help! pleaase.):

Im having a hispanic, sweet sixteen, so a quincenera.
I was wondering if anyone else has had one and what music they had as their baile de sorpresa. the crazy dance one.
here's my music:
intro: your hand in mine- explosions in the sky.
dance with my da...

42 views · Music

How can i get my mom off my back about my boyfriend?

I'm 18 and I'm moving out on June 15th with my boyfriend who is 20. she keeps telling me he isn't a good person and he isn't going to support me or help me with the bills at all, but i know he will because he already gives me his paycheck to put into ...

48 views · Parents & Family

What Change?

So basically obama's whole campaign revolved around the promise of change in america. which is probably why he won I mean its exactly what america needs, but was it just a lie? when does he plan on changing america for real? all he has done is bail out...

30 views · Politics & Law

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