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Amusement parks

Fave Amusement Park?

Disney World
Universal Studios

I Love Those Parks

12 views · Entertainment

What amusement parks have you all been to?

What amusement parks have you all been too?
If one is Ceater Point, would you all consider that a favorite amusement park?
And, are you fond of roller coasters?

29 views · Travel

How should I wear my hair to this amusement park?

I was thinking of putting my bangs in a bump and the rest in a side ponytail.

43 views · Beauty & Style

When going to an amusement park and want to wear black and gray lepord leggings, should I?

Not going on any water rides.

47 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Will fair and amusement park rides be risky during pregnancy?

We are planning for a baby. But after that we went to SIX FLAGS (RIDES). Is that is wrong ????

43 views · Health

Amusement parks

Is there a Six Flags in MA?

Or do you know any fun amusement parks and water parks (both included) in New England. Basically near MA, RI, CT area

9 views · Entertainment

Amusement Parks

I live in NJ and I want to visit an Amusement Park outside of NJ...People who love outside of NJ please recommand Really good Amusement parks that I can visit..within the USA or attractions. thanks!

40 views · Travel NSFW

Where do they take trouble makers in amusement parks?

Where do they take them, like is there a building usually? Im comparing an amusement park to a plant cell for science and i need to know so i can label it in my diagram?

12 views · Politics & Law

Will an amusement park be more hassle or fun with a toddler?

I am considering attempting to go to a historical amusement park (Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri) this summer. My daughter will be 18 months old then. Those of you that have done this before, was it worth it? Would you do it again?

9 views · Kids

linkin park

who here likes linkin park???

9 views · Music

When was rosa parks born?

When was rosa parks born?

40 views · General Knowledge

When did Rosa Parks die?

19 views · General Knowledge

Best song by linkin park

Which is the best song by linkin park and why?

20 views · Music

How many national amusements employees are there?

How many national amusements employees are there?

41 views · Jobs & Money

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