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Voice lessons

What is the disease called where you hear voices in your head?

has to do with your brain and what causes it ect...? I'm not takling about your consious haha

258 views · Health

Soothing voices

What song(s), or musical artist(s) calm you down/sooth you?

2 of my musical arists are "Norah Jones, and John Mayer."

11 views · Music

Psychic Lesson

Can anyone here teach me to practice my psychic abilities? I've always tried but I can't find anyone to help me learn them.

30 views · Education & School

Young why your voice so horse song. Name?

What is the song called that goes:
"young why your voice so horse?
Just sound like money, baby shoulda been a porshe"?

25 views · Music

will my voice come back?

ok so im 13,all of a sudden my voice became squeaky,and I cant hit the high notes

34 views · Music

Male Voice Change Ages

What is the AVERAGE age for males in developed nations to begin voice change? Does it vary around the world or is there an international mean?

139 views · General Knowledge

Do we inherit the sound/pitch of our voice from our parents?

I've always wonderd this...

As we inherit characteristics from our parents (such as hair colour, eye colour, skin colour etc), do we inherit the sound/pitch of our voice from our parents?

358 views · Parents & Family

Monster/deep voice in Death metal

How do singers get that kind of voice,I once knew how but stopped after I got out of the foster care thing.

94 views · Music

How do people put songz in the alvin and th chipmunks voice?

Ok so I've heard a lot of songz with the chimpmunks voice you know alvin and the chipmunks how do they do it

50 views · Music

Mature singing voice

Today, I auditioned for the school musical. After my singing audition, the music director said I had a "very mature-sounding voice." I'm 16... Is that good?

84 views · Music

How to make my voice deep?

well, you know how the voice of the lead singer of cannibal corpse's voice is? well im looking for a way to make my voice that deep please help me out

14 views · Music

Do you believe in Electronic Voice Phenomenons?

Do you believe we can record the voices of the dead, also known as electronic voice phenomenon

here is a video of a supposed EVP

48 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

What age do guy's voices usually break?

Like theres this guy in my class and his voice has already broke, he's 12 or 13, not sure.
What age do guy's voices usually break ?
On average

9 views · Love & Relationships

How to better my voice?

ya knowi l luv singin especially country
any advice 2 beter my voice???

15 views · Jobs & Money

Losing voice and need to give speech

ok well I have to make a speech tommrow and I dont wanna make it if I loose my voice I dont have to make it... how do I do this w/out screaming

52 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Are some people born with good singing voices?

I had to really work hard for almost a year to get kind of good, because my voice was really bad before I started singing.

60 views · Music

What do you do when you're bored in lesson?

Some lessons I just sit there and stare at the clock waiting for the bell to go, if I've finished my work or just being lazy and not doing anything!

16 views · General Knowledge NSFW

how come i have such i high pitched voice!?

i went thro puberty and thought that my voice would lower but itz even higher! what do i do? it bad?

39 views · Health

Is there a way to make it so people can't leave you a voice message?

Can I simply not have one set-up, or will there be a default one the phone came with?

19 views · Computers & Tech

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